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Everything in Free Basic, plus:
  • Removals from 110+ Sites, however, maximum of 1 name and city and state per user

  • Profile Visibility at 270+ Sites

  • Monthly Automated Scans and Removals

  • “Bot Only” automated approach. No human Privacy Agent assigned for QA or handling special circumstances

  • Opt Out Progress and Exposure Risk Reporting

  • Automatically Opt Out of Newly Supported Data Brokers

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270+ Sites Covered


The Ultimate plan provides maximum visibility and privacy protection across our full database of 270+ data brokers and people search sites, Google Outdated Content Removal tool submissions, plus Unlimited Custom Removals, for theoretically unlimited data broker coverage.


The Ultimate plan offers a “Humans + Machines” approach with automated opt outs + assigned human Privacy Agent for QA and handling special circumstances. Ultimate customers get covered first when new data brokers are added to our system and receive Priority Email Support.


The plan is intended for people who place an especially high premium on their privacy (e.g. executives, public figures, journalists, politicians, government officials, doctors, attorneys, high net worth individuals, business owners, professional athletes, and victims of stalking, violence and harassment).



A Free Basic account offers free quarterly Exposure Reports and allows you to explore where your profile may be exposed at the top 170+ people search sites.


This plan is for people who want to kick the tires on our platform for free, or if you want to submit your opt outs to data brokers on your own using our self-service tools.


We also provide shortcuts to data broker opt out pages and detailed opt out guides for do-it-yourself removals.

110+ Sites Covered


The Core plan is the 80/20 solution and best bang on the market for your buck for removals from the top 110+ people search sites, and gives you full visibility into where your profile may be exposed across our entire database of 270+ sites.


Choose this plan if you would like a low-cost ongoing service for basic scans and removals coverage at a price point that won’t hurt your bank account. We are continually testing new data brokers to be added to the Core plan and are attempting to expand our coverage for this plan on an ongoing basis.


This plan provides basic coverage, but has limitations in that it only supports one name and city and state per person, whereas the Extended and Ultimate plans support unlimited names and cities and states for the same person. The Core plan is a “Bot Only” automated approach with No human Privacy Agent assigned for QA or handling special circumstances.

170+ Sites Covered


The Extended plan is the best value in that it provides broad removals coverage across the top 170+ people search sites and gives you full visibility into where your profile may be exposed across our entire database of 270+ sites.


Like the Ultimate plan, the Extended plan offers a “Humans + Machines” approach with automated opt outs + assigned human Privacy Agent for QA and handling special circumstances.


This plan offers broader coverage than Core, but not as extensive as Ultimate. The main limitation of the Extended plan as compared to the Ultimate plan is that the Extended plan does not offer Custom Removals.

Why choose Optery

Best Opt Out Software Product
We've developed the most comprehensive, thorough, and transparent information removal product on the market. This is why named Optery "Editors' Choice" as the most outstanding product in its category.
Patented Search Technology
Optery has a United States Patent for "Dynamically creating custom hyperlinks for predefined search queries for multiple websites" that enables us to find and remove more customer profiles than any other company.
United States Headquarters
Do your homework, many of our competitors are based outside of the United States. Optery is incorporated in the state of Delaware as a C Corporation, and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.
No Affiliation with Data Brokers
Some of our competitors have a history of simultaneously running data brokers or having affiliate partnerships with data brokers. Avoid these companies, unless you want to fund the very data brokers you're trying to be removed from.
Live Screenshots Prove Our Work
Optery's Exposure Reports and Removals Reports provide live screen shots proving to you where we found and removed your profiles. No other product provides this level of transparency and visibility.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Your peace of mind is our top priority. If you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.
We're Laser Focused on Privacy Rights
We're 100% focused on helping people execute their opt out preferences at the widest range of data broker companies possible.
Outstanding Customer Support
Our expert Customer Support Specialists have years of expertise working with data brokers and are ready to serve you.

Best Opt Out Software

"Optery’s handling of the core data removal task outshines the rest, and its free tier brings privacy protection to those who can’t afford expensive subscriptions. In the realm of personal data removal, Optery is our Editors’ Choice."
Neil J. Rubenking
Lead Analyst for Security,

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Our users saying

If you want your personal information wiped off the internet, this is the company to use. The object is to search for yourself and finding nothing about you. They do a thorough job and then keep monitoring your name and personal info monthly to make sure you don't reappear. Great company.
This company is amazing. Customer support through email is fast & efficient. I feel like they really care. I can’t say enough good things really. I got the higher priced package after the initial package. It was worth it. Then, they lowered the price, so now it’s even worth it more. They always answer any questions I have & are professional. As a woman who doesn’t like information out there, I feel safer.
I was in panic mode and went with the 1st well reviewed company I read about. Then it was taking them forever so I hired you guys. I'll cancel it but with their response time, God knows when they'll get the message [sic].
Hi Support, Thanks for your [sic] response and for your questions. I’m happy to contribute. 1. I have multiple accounts with Incogni which require POA. Incogni is limited to one name/email address. I'm not a fan of the limit re: married and maiden names. They advised changing the account name after some time. Also, it would cost me a fortune to open accounts for each email address I’ve used since the 90’s, all versions of my name, and every address for 30+ years.  I’m now testing Incogni with my original gmail and my current proton addresses. I like that Incogni is targeting some brokers abroad because we appear to have some global exposure. Most brokers honor the Incogni opt-out request without a CA address. I plan to test some other tools created abroad. Kudos to Optery for no limits re: versions of my name, or limited addresses history and phone numbers. I like having the option to enter family, associates, housemates, whomever, in the search and love Optery for the the larger number of brokers targeted. I feel like Optery has given me a firewall against malicious actors.  I do not yet know what to do about the “possible family and associates” broker listings. It seems like a loophole for re-listing my PI. Often, I cannot access the unique url required to request opt- outs. I’ve had some success with brokers who listed portions of an old résumé without a link to the url. Some had combined my PI with another individual. An email to privacy team re: defamation removed the listings overnight.  Incidentally, I’m looking into virtual address services in the US and abroad. It would be amazing if we could use GDPR or a virtual California address to force deletions. Estonia may also have some options through digital citizenship. Last I checked, it was super cheap, but there may be a minimal business requirement.
Thanks for doing this keeping people's lives somewhat private. I never realized how much you put yourself out there for the WORLD to see and learn about you. I will recommend [sic] this it's to ALL my families and friends.
Hello Optery, How are you? I have been [sic] a member of ReputationDefender since 2006. Though I imagine they must have fallen behind since then. So I am looking for a new privacy service. Does the process work similarly as before? Where we provide phone numbers, emails, addresses, name spellings, for both current and previous? Also, do you have custom requests? For example, a website that is not listed?
Wow, I am beyond impressed! You guys are AMAZING! No other service has been able to get this removed. You have yourself an extremely pleased customer.
Hello! It's okay - luckily I found a discount that applied to me and was able to utilize it. I plan on signing my significant other up with her own account for now until the household plan is available. Regarding my move from delete me - I recently received a text asking to buy my house from a company. In the message they said how they attained my phone; it was just an easy lookup on whitepages pro- a website deleteme said they scrubbed. I had been a customer for almost a year now, and my info was still easily accessible by someone looking to flip my house... If it was that easy for them, that makes me worry. Luckily my renewal period was just a few days away, which I obviously canceled. From there I started looking at alternatives and found a post one of your founders made on Reddit. I ran the exposure report and saw that DeleteMe had missed much more than I thought. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do! Kyle
Thank you so much. I will be with your company as long as I am alive because I am tired and shocked about the Abuse of all this Brokers. They show no respect for Individuals' Right to privacy, and sometimes they act showing a reckless, illegal and dangerous behavior. I am so happy with your Company and service.
Hello! Thank you for making me more invisible. My son tried to do a search on me and couldn’t find me in surface sites. He was pleased! I was even more pleased! I have a question: do you remove from public records like the DMV? I’m trying to hide from my ex husband because I am afraid he will harm me. Thanks for reading!
I just wanted to say thanks. I first heard about this info removal business from NordVPN, who recommended Incogni. I gave them a try, and wow, so bad in so many ways. Optery has been great in comparison, so thanks.
Oh thank you very much Nate! It really has been a rough month! It's what I call a 'burrito month' (burritos are tasty & cheap eats! lol) And I really do feel much better with all my personal details off the internet! I wish I'd known things like this existed a few years ago. I might not have felt like I needed to change my name. I had to move out of state because the person who stalked me found me by my facebook info when I moved 3 hours away from where I had been living when he first started stalking me. Cray Cray broke into the apartment I had moved to within only a few months of my moving to a new City. It's actually why I don't live in my home state anymore, because it felt too unsafe. For a long time, I'd see nothing on the internet after changing my name & location, but gradually little bits of my personal info started showing up online & eventually it was just all on there again. It's not like you can just keep changing your name though so that idea really didn't work out all that well. lol. (though, I think this name looks better on me so it wasn't a total loss! Btw, if you guys need actual testimonials, I'd be happy to put a very skinny one, basically that I was personally stalked in person & on the internet prior to joining Optery & can personally recommend the company for a layer of sensible added protection (Or something worded similarly) I don't at all mind working on one for you. Without my name on it of course. Lol. Thanks again, every little bit counts! Have a great weekend!
This is totally mind blowing & I am so so amazed! I am definitely getting this service! I will change [sic] my phone number and email address.
The representative I spoke with was extremely helpful, kind, and showed so much compassion and empathy to my terrible cyber experience I am going through. I feel slightly better thinking y’all can help protect me. Thanks so much!!
I'm a very happy Optery customer. About 4 years ago I had the same idea and have been waiting for someone to start this company and was thrilled when you did.
Thank you, Optery! My wife and I are in a celebratory mood seeing that our names have finally been removed from unmask. What a relief!  I realize it will be an ongoing battle with these companies, which is why we are so grateful you are working to keep our information off of these websites. Thankfully, for now, we may not need to hire a lawyer. Though, dealing with these data broker companies, you never know what the future may bring. Thank you again, we really appreciate everything you all are doing to help us.
I’m very surprised you were able to find anything. I was using Optery to quality check services provided by DeleteMe. yes, I’ve[sic] paid for a yearly plan and it doesn’t seem like they are getting the items you were showing. So thank you. My next email will be to them.
You guys are doing great at getting my info off the internet keep up the great work.
Hi there, just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your product, I signed up after seeing your Bookface post.  I discovered these sites with our address, phone number, etc. on them a few months ago after having a dispute with an Airbnb guest who threw a party at our house and getting nervous about all what can be found from our public info on Airbnb as hosts.  It's time consuming to go through and get all these removed and then of course they just add them back later on. Great idea you're working on.
Just a quick note to thank you so much for your diligence in keeping me safe online. I so much appreciate you! Please know that I will be sure to recommend your service. Hoping for your continued success.
Thanks! I’m at work all weekend, but I’ll try to log in from my tablet. I believe I put you guys on my homepage there. Honestly only checked it twice because ever since I got your service I’ve lost so much of that BS! I’m so happy with your company and services provided I cannot thank you enough. I’m a very private person and that’s becoming a nightmare to try and do here in America. The feds is one thing, but all these tech companies and their servers storing massive personal data is ridiculous! Whoever came up with this company and idea is truly Batman to some of us here. Thanks again!
This is excellent. Thank you. I am very pleased with the work thus far. I did not encounter any issues with a recent background check with a new employer so the correct databases still have the vital information needed. Thanks again for your help with my security.
Hello, Thank you so much for your help. I have been in a pretty scary, terrifying situation with being threatened and financial extortion attempted by an individual. Filing a police report didn't give me any sense of relief that you guys have. Your help has really relieved me emotionally and I can't thank you enough and plan on continuing my relationship with you. I recommend your service everyday to people. I have submitted five custom removals and was wondering when those would be addressed? Thank you again so much and God Bless.
I am very happy with the service that you Optery is providing me and 75% of the 211 agencies have already been removed in just 1 week. I'm really sorry about all of the confusion, maybe I'm a little obsessive compulsive, maybe it's the learning curve, maybe its the PTSD or the traumatic brain injury. I guess it really doesn't matter, all I know is that it's a blessing that I found Optery and they work that Optery is doing to help people to preserve their Right of Privacy.
I forwarded the removals report to my parents to recommend Optery. I know it's the same count of successful removals as I already knew, but maybe something about seeing it visually made me realize how yucky it felt to have my info show up on these unsavory-looking websites. I thought sharing might also convince them to do something to avoid scammers or at least be glad as a parent that I was doing something.
Yea this is my account to protect me from all the phishing and crap that comes through my phone and email. Ever since I got your product they’ve greatly decreased! Thanks! You guys rock!
Thank you for the quick, concise and clear answer to my question! I appreciate you and what you guys do!
I just wanted to provide feedback that you all have done a great job with my account. It was faster than I expected. Thank you for the good service!
I am compelled to share my positive experience using your product especially as someone who works in the privacy profession. I am impressed with the results after seeing my personal data removed from almost 180+ brokers removed in less than a month.
Thank you, Optery! I appreciate very much everything you all are doing. It's a relief to not feel as exposed online.
Thank you so much for working diligently to remove the items. I appreciate your help and the updates!
Thank you so very much for helping me get this information removed. You guys Rock!
I have the ultimate plan it's so awesome [sic] had some friends look me up and nothing!! I disappeared from spokeo and other places so happy !! Thank you guys.
Dear Optery, I would like to "Thank you" for all your help. As you know I am a victim of attempted extortion and stocking. Your service has helped me tremendously!!! However, I did add several custom removals. The picture and information I have attached could have been avoided if I would have paid the individual that made a public post but was advised by the police. So, in return of no payment this person now has put this on Google. Can you please help me remove this?
Also just wanted to praise the product. My girlfriend _____ is a ____ for the department of ____ and doing an idle search of her info we were shocked by the amount of her info online (she may also be in contact with support, trying to get a public servant or multiple household discount). I had used Deleteme in the past 5+ years ago but knew there must be better alternative and was so glad to find you all on reddit and hackernews.
Is your service better than "Delete Me?" They supposedly removed some information over a three-year period. Yet, it is all still out there. Thank you.
For years, I've performed monthly searches on my name and naturally submit opt-out requests from whatever data brokers I found. I signed up for optery using a couple discounts from stack social (or one of those sites). They found DOZENS of listings under my name. I was surprised+ pissed, but optery has manager to remove most of them. They send a quarterly(?) PDF update containing before and after screenshots of days brokers where my info was once displayed. I still perform my monthly searches and report any findings to optery. They've been receptive and apologetic whenever I find my info online.
I have explored your web application on, I have to say I am impressed with my exposure report. I have done some OSINT investigations on myself in the past and your tool automated a task that took me a few hours and days; then condensed that activity into a few simple steps and ONE hour. When I am handling a client experience issue ONE hour is FOREVER!!! lol As a result, I feel that this tool could be deployed as a selling point for prospective clients for a potential MSP provider. In my IT support experience, end users and clients often feel that Digital Technology can be Tyrannical and not Liberating as it was intended for. Your web service assists in peeling back that negativity and provides a value proposition to someone in my position for supporting clients and adding a piece of mind to their individual experiences. My career goal is to bring tech to non tech people, I am certainly interested in Operty as a service and hope to see you succeed. Thank you for bolstering support for individual privacy, when most don't have the technical capacity to ensure that service.
This is super great software and I am very happy.
I'm loving the service you provide!
I have had an extended plan for the last six months. It has been very successful. However, after the last quarterly report a month ago, suddenly the payment stopped coming out of my account, and I get no response from support on helping me find out why I no longer have service. It has been extremely successful for me. I was on the $25 a month plan and I do not want it to stop. Can you explain to me why I have been suddenly discontinued with no responses from your company and yet you’re still offering your services online. My credit card did not change. I did get a new phone number this month and simply reached out to them by my email that I signed up with to let them know but I got nothing. I do not have the old phone or number so if they are depending on a pin number to that phone, it would not work. I ran into this on several other accounts however, that does not seem to be the problem as I’ve always responded to them by email, I am very upset about this and really don’t want to choose another company as I feel yours is the most successful for what I need to find that all my info is still blocked on the public sites but I know this can stop after one year, so please please try to help me I am not getting any responses to any of my inquiries. Why has my service been stopped with no explanation or warning? I get no responses from my repeated inquiries! I have been very pleased with the service and after my last quarterly report the payments simply stopped coming out of my account! I need an answer please! Thanks
“I wanted to say thank you for everything. I appreciate all these removals. In my job as a ______________my family is threatened every day by offenders and knowing theirs nothing they can find is comforting.”
I just wanted to let you know that my spam email has been reduced dramatically and I must conclude that your service is awesome! Thanks so much!
Hey guys,   As far as my email, personal info and everything. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me. I’m still getting random texts messages trying to get me to engage in conversation. Is there anything that can be done with this? Or my cell phone number? Which is: ___________. I hate having to constantly change my number because of this stuff. Figured I’d ask you guys since you’ve honestly impressed me with your services thus far. Thanks for all you guys do to keep us citizens who want to remain private, PRIVATE! It really does mean a lot to me and you have my deep appreciation.
We just received the latest reports and would love if at some point to speak with you and thank you along with the person or persons that are handling both of our accounts. I had been with “Delete Me” since they first started up and the only reputable company out there so I have a pretty good understanding of how much this battle of horror and bad things have gotten and how much worse they will get. You guys are phenomenal at least so far anyway ha ha. I tried to send a custom request but I don’t feel comfortable saving their folder.  The name of the company is “_______” Bruce typed in __________ and the first link contained all the information front page and the first link contained all the information front page. There’s probably more but I don’t have the stomach for this and I’m hoping that you can get it removed maybe? Again, please thank the people or person that is working on what is so amazing for someone with no Internet access at all but victims of so many breaches. While you’re at it, have someone give you a hug or pat on the back too. Thanks in advance.
The amount of data being shared, bought and sold about us is beyond what most people imagine. This is a great tool to start to gain control over that data and put new and expanding legal rights to work for you.
This product gives me great comfort that my sensitive information is more protected, especially in this day and age with increased cyber attacks. I love what Optery is doing!
This is eye opening. Seems that the default 'user preference' of the internet is 'display my private info anywhere'. This product is essential as nobody has the time to contact all these different outlets. Great job!
Congrats! Definitely something the world needs to fight those scammers! 🙏
I was shocked by how many data brokers had my information and were selling it without my knowledge. Optery to the rescue. I've been impressed with how Optery automatically removes our household's information from these databases, all without asking for a lot from me. Optery helps me sleep better at night. Big fan.
Stoked to see privacy initiatives! Private data is very sensitive and we lost control over it. Tools like Optery are essential to regain control over our digital lives. Congrats on the launch!
Big fan of Optery! It makes it easy to remove your info from various people databases, and I've already noticed less spam (mail, phone calls, etc...) since I started using. Keep up the good work!
"I’ve been working in the quant/systematic space at a hedge fund for ~12 years, so I know firsthand about the accelerating arms race among data aggregators to collect by often questionable means very sensitive and granular information. Optery solves this problem head-on. I’ve been impressed by how easy the product is to use, and how effective it’s been in removing my personal data from all over the web. I highly recommend it!"
People will be amazed at how much information is available about them and Optery is a great way to get the peace of mind that your info isn't out there being sold to anyone who wants it. This is as important a tool for online personal security as a password manager!
Great product. I was surprised to see how much of my personal data was freely available online - and was subsequently removed by Optery!
Really glad this exists - hate seeing my info on the web and don't know how to get rid of it!
I've gotten my identity stolen before and it's a royal pain to sort it out. Once, they even used my complete address for billing when fraudulently buying expensive electronics with my credit cards, and forged a fake ID to pickup the ordered stuff at the Apple store.Optery makes it so that it's much harder for a criminal (or anyone) to find out my private information. Couldn't recommend this service enough in this day and age in which bad actors are profiting off your privacy and your family's.
I was extremely impressed with both the flow to get started, and the end result. Going to all of the 100+ sites manually and asking for my info to be removed would have taken me weeks of pain. Optery made it transparent and easy.
Terrific company that cares about its customers. Optery has helped me remove my personal details and address from over 150 data brokers. When I have questions their team is right there to help. Great people and service!
Optery is a great service for managing one's personal data exposure. I was concerned that my email, phone #, and home address were easily accessible on hundreds of sites, and Optery made it easy to remove that information from every major database. I feel much more comfortable knowing my privacy is protected on an ongoing basis.
I was blown away by the free account. I found over 75 data brokers displaying sensitive information about myself and family members on the web for anyone to find.
Recently I was the victim of identity theft and fraud. The criminals obtained detailed information about me from a people search directory, and then combined that with a fake ID to take out a line of credit and make purchases in my name. I spent weeks repairing the damage. I wish I started using Optery sooner.
I have explored your web application on, I have to say I am impressed with my exposure report. I have done some OSINT investigations on myself in the past and your tool automated a task that took me a few hours and days; then condensed that activity into a few simple steps and one hour. Thank you for bolstering support for individual privacy, when most don't have the technical capacity to ensure that service.
Optery gives me peace of mind working behind the scenes to remove my home address and contact information from the Internet
Thank you, Optery! My wife and I are in a celebratory mood seeing that our names have finally been removed. What a relief! I realize it will be an ongoing battle with these companies, which is why we are so grateful you are working to keep our information off of these websites. Thankfully, for now, we may not need to hire a lawyer. Though, dealing with these data broker companies, you never know what the future may bring. Thank you again, we really appreciate everything you all are doing to help us.
"Thank you!!! We are really happy to learn this news. It looks like our names have been removed. We are feeling good about the developments. That's great advice about reporting them to the FTC. The more regulations with the data broker websites the better. Thank you again for all of your help and tenacity."
I researched them all, and this is the best personal information removal tool on the web. Nothing else out there comes close

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