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Optery Data Broker Opt Out Dashboard

Introducing Optery – Remove Yourself from 190+ People Search Sites like TruthFinder, MyLife, Radaris, SocialCatfish, Spokeo, WhitePages

If you sign up for Optery (free), we show you where your information is being sold and exposed online at 150+ people search sites. People’s jaws usually drop when they realize how much of their personal information is openly posted by these sites on the public internet.

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Big Tech or People Search Sites

While Facebook, Google, and Apple Dominate the Headlines for Privacy, it’s People Search Sites You Should be More Concerned With

Big Tech makes an easy target for politicians, and has rightly been taken to task for being irresponsible with your data, but they are a veritable Fort Knox with your personal information compared to the sites known as People Search Directories we focus on at Optery.

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