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DeleteMe Review | Pros and Cons – What Do The Experts Think

Are you looking for an in-depth review of DeleteMe? Or for the best alternative to DeleteMe?

You’ve reached the right place – packed with screenshots and in-depth analysis – this is the most comprehensive review of DeleteMe on the internet!

We’re confident after reading this review you’ll save yourself loads of time and money in your search for the best personal data removal service for your hard-earned money.

DeleteMe helped pioneer the personal data removal category in 2010 and has the most name recognition, brand recognition and press coverage, but the product hasn’t kept pace with the times and today it lags behind in the market.

DeleteMe Account Dashboard – June 2023

The best analogy to understand what’s happening with DeleteMe right now is what happened to Yahoo when Google came onto the scene in the early 2000s. Or, what might just be happening to Google right now as ChatGPT (OpenAI) is coming onto the scene in 2023. Just as Yahoo used an outdated manual approach that was made increasingly obsolete by Google, so too does DeleteMe use an outdated manual approach that is being made increasingly obsolete by new entrants such as Optery.

Optery … I tested it out and it caught nearly 50 more than what I had already had cleared out with DeleteMe.”

Devin Coldewey
Writer, TechCrunch

In this article, packed with detailed examples, we review DeleteMe, unpack the major differences with Optery and discuss why we’re 100% confident Optery is the smartest choice you can make when it comes to choosing a personal data removal service for yourself, your family, or your business. Optery wins across the board on Affordability and Value, Data Broker Coverage, Exposure Reporting, Removals Process and Reporting, Flexible Billing Options, Support for Families, Support for Businesses and Data Security. Read on for a deep dive into most of these areas.

If you are an existing DeleteMe customer, create your free Optery account and see live screenshots of the profiles DeleteMe has missed – Optery finds ~50 exposed profiles for existing DeleteMe customers on average.

Both DeleteMe and Optery also offer personal data removal products for companies wishing to remove personal data for their employees or customers in bulk, but the scope of this review is just at the individual consumer and family account levels. We’ll post a separate review comparing DeleteMe for Business and Optery for Business soon, but in the meantime, if you want to compare the two companies’ business products, the best thing to do is is try them both out via a live demo or free trial.

Last Updated June 2023. If you find incorrect or outdated information let us know at and we’ll investigate right away.

🕵️ Introduction – What are Personal Data Removal Services?

Hundreds of companies post and sell detailed information about us online without our permission. Information such as your home address, phone number, email, family members’ names, income, ethnicity, political affiliations, and net worth. Most commonly, these companies are known as data brokers. Some of the most notorious data brokers you may already be familiar with such as, BeenVerified, Radaris, TruthFinder, and Social Catfish.

Personal data removal services such as DeleteMe and Optery provide services to customers for removing personal information from some number of data broker sites. Most personal data removal services including DeleteMe only offer paid subscription options. However, some personal data removal services such as Optery offer both free and paid tier subscription options.

We recommend evaluating personal data removal services across the following dimensions, most of which are covered in detail in this review:

Affordability and Value
Data Broker Coverage
Exposure Reporting
Removals Process and Reporting
Flexible Billing Options
Support for Families
Support for Businesses
Data Security

⚖️ DeleteMe Company Profile

DeleteMe was founded in 2011 by Rob Shavell, Andrew Sudbury, and Eugene Kuznetsov, and is owned by parent company Abine, Inc., which also makes other privacy and anonymity products. They are headquartered outside Boston in Sommerville, Massachusetts. Compared to other companies in the industry, DeleteMe has limited automation features and takes more of a manual approach to data broker removals. Indeed, over 90% of the sites listed on their “Sites We Remove From” page are handled via something called “Custom Requests” where the burden of finding and submitting profiles for removal is placed on the customer.

Why do people like DeleteMe and what should you be aware of?

On the positive side, DeleteMe has been around for over 10 years, has a large customer install base and an upstanding brand reputation. Some data removal services engage in the questionable practice of maintaining affiliate partnerships with data brokers and have murky origins, but DeleteMe is not one of them. Along with Optery, DeleteMe is one of the more upstanding companies in the industry. Although the standard DeleteMe subscription covers a relatively small number of data brokers, for the data brokers they do cover, they do a pretty good job of ensuring the removals.

On the negative side, as DeleteMe’s product has fallen behind in the market, they’ve started to resort to publishing misleading claims and representations in their marketing, often inflating and embellishing their capabilities as a company. Read through this review where we expose some of these tactics with live screenshots and examples.

📦 DeleteMe Subscriptions & Pricing – Affordability, Value & Data Broker Coverage

What you get with a DeleteMe subscription is confusing, if even slightly misleading.

A visit to the DeleteMe Pricing page is straight-forward and lists pricing for DeleteMe’s “Standard Protection” at $129 / year for 1 person, $229 / year for 2 people, and $329 / year for a family.

But what does “Standard Protection” actually get you? This is impossible to determine from their Pricing page and really anywhere else on the DeleteMe web site:

DeleteMe Pricing Page – June 2023

It requires some sleuthing to figure out what a DeleteMe “Standard Protection” subscription actually provides. If you’d like to figure this out, the first logical place to look is DeleteMe’s “Sites We Remove From” page which boldly claims “We Remove Private Information from 750+ Data Brokers”, followed by an impressive list of hundreds of data brokers.

However, nearly every data broker listed has a special character next to it, and you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to read the fine print to determine what each exception case means.

DeleteMe Sites We Remove From – June 2023

If you read the fine print and unpack the numbers, what you’ll find is that a DeleteMe “Standard Plan” covers approximately ~60 data brokers. Approximately ~40 additional data brokers are covered by Business or VIP plans, approximately ~25 are international data brokers, and the remaining ~625 data brokers require something called “Custom Requests”.

DeleteMe Review
Read the Fine Print on What’s Actually Covered Before Purchasing a DeleteMe Subscription – June 2023

“Custom Requests” are where you, the customer, must find the profile you wish removed, and then submit them to DeleteMe, who will then make a best effort to remove the profile. DeleteMe offers a limited number of Custom Requests per customer per year, but it is unknown, and not published anywhere publicly as to how many.

The “Sites We Remove From” page also mentions DeleteMe’s Business Standard, Diamond, Gold, Platinum, and VIP plans, but there is no information we could find posted publicly about what is covered by any of these plans.

To help take the mystery out of what DeleteMe “Standard Protection” coverage provides, see this screenshot of the DeleteMe dashboard interface indicating coverage for 66 data brokers.

DeleteMe Dashboard Interface – June 2023

You can also see in the screenshot above an example of DeleteMe inflating numbers wherever possible, where they report “1,144 Listings Reviewed”. What this number really means is the total number of times a data broker profile has been reviewed since the paid subscription was initially purchased. For this account, its been about ~100 reviews per quarter, or about 33 reviews per month, of mostly the same data brokers quarter after quarter. “~33 Listings Reviewed Per Month” is a lot less impressive sounding than the cumulative total of “1,144 Listings Reviewed”, right? This type of “creative accounting” is a common theme for DeleteMe inflating its capabilities.

💨 Enough with the Smoke and Mirrors – What Does a DeleteMe Subscription Actually Include?

Since DeleteMe offers no summary details of what a Standard subscription includes, from piecing together bits of information from across the site, the best we can tell is it offers:

  • Removals coverage for ~66 data brokers
  • Quarterly manual review of the ~66 data brokers they cover for your listings
  • Quarterly Privacy Report PDF summarizing DeleteMe’s findings and activity
  • Custom Requests (the limit is unknown, but we’ve heard ~10 per quarter)
  • App Reporting dashboard summarizing findings and activity
  • Email, chat and phone support

💨 How Does DeleteMe Compare with Optery in Affordability & Value?

Firstly, Optery offers completely transparent pricing and feature list on its Pricing page. Subscription plans start at $3.99 / month or $39 per year for 110+ data broker sites, all the way up to $24.99 per month or $249 per year for 270+ data broker sites and Unlimited Custom Requests.

Optery also provides Monthly automated scans and removals, unlimited name variations, unlimited past cities and states, and Exposure Reports and Removals Reports with live screenshots proving Optery’s work, something DeleteMe does not provide today. Optery has a patented search technology and the most advanced data broker scanning software in the world.

Optery Offers Superior Affordability, Value and Transparency Compared to DeleteMe – June 2023

Optery’s Core plan covers 50% more data brokers than DeleteMe’s Standard plan, and at a 70% lower price.

Optery offers a Monthly billing option allowing you to activate / deactivate coverage at any time starting at just $3.99 / month

Optery’s Pricing page allows you to intelligently search through its list of covered data brokers, and will let you know exactly which data broker is covered by each plan (e.g. Core, Extended, Ultimate). Optery does not use a confusing array of special characters with the legend buried in fine print at the bottom of the page as DeleteMe does.

Optery offers unlimited “Custom Requests” for Ultimate subscribers but does not inflate its list of “Sites We Cover” since they are not explicitly covered by any plan and require the customer to find and submit the data broker profile via the Custom Request workflow on their own.

Optery Search Tool to Determine Data Broker Plan Coverage – June 2023

In summary, Optery Offers Superior Affordability, Value and Data Broker Coverage Compared to DeleteMe.

📊 DeleteMe Scan – Exposure Reporting

Data broker scanning technology is a cornerstone of a good personal data removal service. The quality of the free scan is usually a good indicator of the quality of its removals. If a company can’t produce a free scan, that’s a bad sign and you should probably keep moving and look elsewhere before you pay the company any money.

How does DeleteMe’s free scan work?

Enter your name, and city and state and your initial results will be displayed on a web page and look something like the image below. From our research, DeleteMe displays the same 6 data broker results for all searches (, USSearch, Intelius, Spokeo, PeopleFinders, and InstantCheckmate), but promises many more if you sign up for a paid account. The more detailed report will arrive in PDF format within about 1 week after you purchase a subscription. This is helpful, but not particularly impressive, and it begs a lot of questions.

If we dig a bit deeper into the details of the DeleteMe Free Scan, the theme of disingenuity and misleading claims that runs through DeleteMe’s marketing continues.

For example, the first sentence in the DeleteMe scan results screenshot below says:

Our initial scan found at least 75 more data records containing your personal info.

DeleteMe Free Exposure Scan Results – March 2023

Really? If that’s the case, then why not display the additional 75 records? Why stop at 6? And why, when we tested the free scan with different names and city and state combinations, did the initial scan results always find exactly “at least 75 more data records” for each name we tested?

And why does the DeleteMe Free Scan landing page advertise “FREE SCAN OF 40+ DATA BROKERS“, but then limit the results displayed to just 6 data brokers, even though it has simultaneously claimed to have found you on 75+ data broker sites?

If a company is advertising a scan of 40+ data brokers, how is it finding 75+ data broker records? A clue is the disclaimer in fine print at the end of the page stating “Search scan results may vary from the sites found on a typical DeleteMe privacy report“. Which is basically to disavow the accuracy of the scan results.

We can’t say for sure what’s happening, but none of this adds up, and therefore we strongly suspect the free scan of 40+ data brokers that DeleteMe is advertising is most likely not actually occurring and DeleteMe is employing yet another marketing trick to cover up for incomplete data broker scanning technology under the hood.

DeleteMe Claims Free Scan of 40+ Data Brokers But Only Displays Results for a Maximum of 6 – June 2023

💨 How Does DeleteMe Compare with Optery in Exposure Scanning & Reporting?

Optery offers the most robust exposure scan results on the market with a patented search technology. Optery was the first company to provide a free report with dozens of screenshots of exposed profiles for free, and Optery exposure scans find more exposed profiles than anyone, including Google.

Optery scans 200+ data broker sites, finds an average of ~100 exposed profiles per user, an average of ~50 exposed profiles per user of competing data removal services (e.g. DeleteMe), displays reports within ~30 minutes of sign up, includes real live screenshots of where your profile is exposed to prove its work, and does not require a credit card or paid account for full and complete access to all of the exposed profiles in the report.

It doesn’t get any better than that, and its constantly improving.

“Open the report and prepare to be amazed. Unlike any other product I’ve seen, Optery doesn’t just state that your data was found, like IDX Complete. It also doesn’t simply list the found data items, like DeleteMe. Rather, the report presents you with a screenshot of your actual profile data on the site.”

Neil Rubenking
Lead Analyst for Security,

Users can retrieve the results of their free Optery Exposure Report scan by clicking on the screenshot thumbnails from the Optery dashboard:

Optery Dashboard with 100+ Exposure Screenshots – June 2023

Click on a screenshot image thumbnail to view a detailed screenshot:

Optery Exposure Report Screenshot Viewer – June 2023

Or can visit the Reports page to download the full Exposure Report in PDF:

Optery Exposure Report PDF Downloads – June 2023

Optery’s Free Basic account also offers free self-service tools to submit your own opt outs at the places you’ve been found, making Optery useful for anyone, regardless of ability to pay.

In summary, Optery Offers Superior Free Scans and Exposure Reporting Compared to DeleteMe.

📊 DeleteMe Removals Process and Reporting

DeleteMe prides itself on taking a manual approach to perform data broker removals and opt out processing by human Privacy Advisors. This makes sense when you recall that over 90% of the sites listed on DeleteMe’s “Sites We Remove From” page are handled via something called “Custom Requests” where the burden of finding and submitting profiles for removal is placed on the customer.

Most likely due to the time consuming manual approach DeleteMe utilizes, data broker listing reviews, removals, and reports operate on a quarterly cadence. By comparison, Optery operates scans and removals on a monthly basis, and exposure and removals reporting are updated in real-time on a 24/7 continual basis.

Many customers prefer this personal touch and the feeling of working alongside a DeleteMe Privacy Advisor to assist with additional needs or special requests. As a result, customers have access to a professional who can provide personalized support.

DeleteMe Assigns Human Privacy Advisors To Paying Accounts
DeleteMe Customers Must Submit Requests Manually via Custom Requests

For paying customers, DeleteMe sends quarterly Privacy Reports via PDF every three months to summarize exposure and removals status. The quarterly report includes a list of approximately ~60 data broker sites summarizing what type of information may be posted, the average removal time, where information has been removed, as well as any pending removals. Additionally, the report details the total number of listings reviewed and the number of matching listings that were removed.

DeleteMe Quarterly Privacy Report – March 2023

In the dashboard, there is a simple chart that summarizes the total number of listings removed by month.

Listings Removed in DeleteMe Dashboard – June 2023

⚔️ How Does DeleteMe Compare with Optery in Removals Process & Reporting?

The first difference between DeleteMe and Optery in the realm of removals processing is Optery operates on a Monthly scans and removals process cadence (i.e. every 1 month), whereas DeleteMe operates on a Quarterly review and removals process (i.e. every 3 months).

The heart of Optery’s Removals Process is what Optery refers to as a “Humans + Machines” approach. The “Machines” part of the equation means monthly automated exposure scans and opt out submissions by Optery’s automated software. The “Humans” part of the equation means an assigned human Privacy Agent supplements the automated scans and removals for quality assurance and handling special circumstances. Whereas some data removal services perform all removals manually, and other data removal services perform all removals via bot automation only, Optery’s “Humans + Machines” approach provides the best of both worlds. DeleteMe is known for a predominantly manual approach.

DeleteMe lists an assigned human Privacy Advisor to each customer account. Similarly, Optery assigns an assigned human Privacy Agent to each customer account on its Extended and Ultimate tiers, however, Optery does not display the name or icon for the assigned Privacy Agent in the app. Instead, Optery relies on a shared live-chat support app and email inbox to ensure continuous coverage in the event the assigned Privacy Agent is offline or otherwise occupied.

Optery Live Support by Human Privacy Agents – June 2023

Similar to DeleteMe, Optery also offers paying customers workflows for submitting Custom Requests and Removals Issues. All Optery paying customers can submit Removals Issues (i.e. Core, Extended, and Ultimate tier subscriptions). However only Optery Ultimate subscription tier customers are eligible for Custom Removals.

Optery Custom Removals Workflow – June 2023

Optery’s Removals Report has no peers in the market, and displays before and after screenshots proving its work. Optery sends its Removals Reports quarterly. DeleteMe does not provide screenshots, much less before and after screenshots as a way to prove the work that’s been done.

Optery offers superior Removals Reporting for paying customers where you can view the exposure and removals status by data broker that is updated in real time – no need to wait another 3 months for a static and stale PDF report like DeleteMe for your removals reporting.

“After 90 days it would present me with the crown jewel of the service—the [Optery] Removals Report. The Exposure Report shows screenshots from sites that have your data, with links to let you see that data right on the site. With the Removals report, you see what was found along with a new screenshot demonstrating that the data was removed, and a link to verify the removal. No other personal data removal service I’ve seen gives you this level of verification.”

Neil Rubenking
Lead Analyst for Security,

In summary, Optery’s monthly scans and removals vs. DeleteMe’s quarterly reviews and removals, Optery’s “Humans + Machines” approach vs. DeleteMe’s “Humans” approach, Optery’s real-time removals status dashboard reporting vs. DeleteMe’s quarterly static PDF removals reporting, and Optery’s Removals Reports with “before and after” screenshots vs. DeleteMe’s Privacy Reports without any screenshots at all, make Optery the superior choice when it comes to Data Broker Removals Processing and Reporting.

🚀 DeleteMe Flexible Billing Options

DeleteMe only offers Yearly plans – a 1 Year option and a 2 Year option. Subscriptions can be purchased for 1 person, 2 people, or an entire family via the DeleteMe Family Plan, however, it is currently unknown if there are any limitations to the number of family members permitted in a family account. For DeleteMe for Business pricing, you must speak with a sales person.

DeleteMe Published Subscription Plan Options – June 2023

⚔️ How Does DeleteMe Compare with Optery in Flexible Billing Options?

Optery offers Monthly or Yearly plans. Optery also offers customers the ability to seamlessly upgrade or downgrade subscription tiers with pro-rated billing. What this means is you can migrate between plan tiers and plan terms effortlessly.

For example, you could start with Ultimate Monthly for a few months, then downgrade to Free Basic for a few months, and then Upgrade to Extended Yearly for a year, and then change back to Ultimate monthly.

You can upgrade and downgrade seamlessly across plan tiers (Free Basic, Core, Extended, Ultimate) and plan terms (Monthly, Yearly), and all charges are pro-rated, meaning any remaining value on your plan when you perform a change will carry forward and be applied to the next billing cycle.

Optery Subscription Plan Options – June 2023

You can manage unlimited loved ones with Optery for Family. The discounting across all plans increases as each additional family members’ coverage is activated. The discounting is 20% off all plans for 2 plans, 25% off all plans for 3 plans, and 30% off all plans for 4 or more plans. To be clear, each incremental covered family member will incur an additional subscription charge.

Optery for Family Pricing

Optery also offers Optery for Business to small businesses and large enterprises with volume discounting based on the list pricing on the Optery Pricing page. Anyone can create an Optery for Business account for free and get started self-service immediately, or can reach out to Optery support to schedule a live demo and discuss custom pricing.

In summary, Optery’s Monthly and Yearly billing options, ability to migrate seamlessly across different plan tiers and plan terms, and ability to pause and re-activate subscriptions at any time make Optery the superior choice when it comes to billing options flexibility.

🚀 DeleteMe Data Security

Data security is possibly the most over-looked factor when choosing a personal data removal service. Selecting a personal data removal service is about prioritizing and investing in your security, so shouldn’t you hold your personal data removal service to the highest data security standards?

Most personal data removal services have not completed an AICPA SOC 2 audit and have extremely limited data security controls and standards.

How does DeleteMe stack up in the realm of data security?

In short, we do not know because DeleteMe has posted almost no information publicly on their data security practices. The only information we could find on the DeleteMe data security practices is this brief statement with almost no substance in the DeleteMe privacy policy:

DeleteMe Security Practices as of June 2023

“While we implement safeguards designed to protect your information, no security system is impenetrable and due to the inherent nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that information, during transmission through the Internet or while stored on our systems or otherwise in our care, is absolutely safe from intrusion by others. We try our best by providing you with leading security practices, like encrypting all requests via a secure connection (HTTPS) and other best practices. We recommend that you take care to manage access to the computers and devices where you are logged in to our application.”


DeleteMe displays the AICPA SOC 2 logo in the footer of their DeleteMe for Business landing page, but makes no mention of what has been done with the AICPA.

What is the AICPA SOC 2?

According to Wikipedia, “System and Organization Controls (SOC), (also sometimes referred to as service organizations controls) as defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is the name of a suite of reports produced during an audit. It is intended for use by service organizations (organizations that provide information systems as a service to other organizations) to issue validated reports of internal controls over those information systems to the users of those services. The reports focus on controls grouped into five categories called Trust Service Criteria.”


⚔️ How Does DeleteMe Compare with Optery in Data Security?

Firstly, and most importantly, Optery has publicly posted a detailed “Statement on Data Security” since Optery’s inception in 2021:

You can learn more about Optery’s data security practices from Optery’s Statement on Data Security, including that Optery has completed its AICPA SOC 2 security audit, and makes its audit report available to Optery for Business corporate customers under NDA.

While DeleteMe offers almost no information publicly on its data security practices or credentials, Optery publishes a detailed Statement on Data Security and has completed its AICPA SOC 2, Type 1 audit.

🚀 DeleteMe Review Conclusion

In conclusion, DeleteMe is a reputable company that was a pioneer in personal data removal. The DeleteMe product is effective at removing personal information the limited number of data brokers they cover, but has fallen behind due to a manual approach and out-dated technology. Be wary and a bit skeptical of DeleteMe’s marketing claims, many of them are misleading and don’t hold up under deeper investigation and scrutiny.

Optery is the far superior choice over DeleteMe for personal data removal.

Optery has more affordable pricing options starting at $3.99 per month for the Optery Core plan vs. DeleteMe starting at $129 per year for the DeleteMe Standard plan. Optery has more comprehensive coverage starting at ~95 data brokers for the Optery Core plan vs. ~60 data brokers for the DeleteMe Standard plan, and Optery offers Unlimited Custom Removals and ~240+ standard covered data brokers via the Optery Ultimate plan. Optery offers Monthly scans and removals by default, whereas DeleteMe does not appear to have any scanning technology at all, and Optery offers before and after screenshots proving the work that’s been done, whereas DeleteMe offers no screenshots at all. Optery offers 24/7 real-time removals reporting status updates, but with DeleteMe, you have to wait 3 months for a fresh report on your removals. Optery offers more flexible billing options allowing customers to upgrade or downgrade seamlessly across Monthly or Yearly billing terms, and across Core, Extended, and Ultimate plan tiers, whereas DeleteMe only offers Yearly billing options, and you must speak with a sales person to be quoted on higher level plans. Optery offers more flexible, affordable and seamless product offerings for families and businesses. Finally, and possibly most importantly, Optery has published a detailed Statement on Data Security and has completed its AICPA SOC 2, Type 1 audit, whereas DeleteMe has almost nothing to share publicly about its data security practices.

But don’t just take our word for it, Optery has been awarded the coveted “Editors’ Choice” by as the most outstanding personal data removal product on the market the last two years in a row in 2022 and 2023.

Optery’s handling of the core data removal task outshines the rest, and its free tier brings privacy protection to those who can’t afford expensive subscriptions. In the realm of personal data removal, Optery is our Editors’ Choice.”

Neil J. Rubenking
Lead Analyst for Security,

🔍 Appendices

Read below for additional information, screenshots, and links supporting the comparison above.

⚔️ How Many Data Brokers Does DeleteMe REALLY Cover?

DeleteMe claims to remove personal information from over 750+ data brokers. However, upon further investigation, 90% of the “covered” data brokers listed are categorized as “Custom Requests.”

What are Custom Requests? Custom Requests or Custom Removals refers to a feature offered by privacy services like DeleteMe and Optery, where users can request the removal of their personal information from data broker websites that are not covered in the standard subscription plan.

If you visit DeleteMe’s Sites We Remove From page, they claim to cover 750+ data brokers in the headline, but note the fine print at the bottom of the page. The page lacks sorting and filtering options, making it difficult for everyday consumers to understand DeleteMe’s coverage, and misleading many into thinking that profiles from all 750+ sites listed will be automatically covered.

DeleteMe Review
Read the Fine Print on What’s Actually Covered Before Purchasing a DeleteMe Subscription – June 2023

Here is a sorted table unpacking the numbers for you showing how many sites are covered by each plan. 90% are Custom Requests and require the DeleteMe customer to find and submit the profile on their own for processing.

DeleteMe Plan Symbol Count
Custom Requests ^ 682
Standard Plan * 36
Platinum and VIP Plans 12
Business Gold, Diamond, Platinum and VIP Plans *** 12
Business Standard and Diamond ** 7
International requests ~ 3
Combination / Not listed *~ 3
Combination / Not listed *** ~ 2
Combination / Not listed ^^ 1
Combination / Not listed **** ~ 1
The list of Data Brokers on DeleteMe’s page breakdown showing 90% of the claimed coverage is Custom Requests. The rest of the industry typically does not count Custom Requests in this way.

⚔️ How Has DeleteMe’s “Sites We Remove From” Changed Over Time?

For at least 3 years, from 2019 to 2021, DeleteMe’s “Sites We Remove From” displayed ~40 data brokers summarizing the the sites they covered. At that time, DeleteMe was presenting an authentic representation of its data broker coverage.

DeleteMe Sites We Remove From – circa 2020

However, in 2021 and 2022 DeleteMe started receiving a lot of criticism for offering what amounted to the lowest number of data brokers covered in the industry. In response, DeleteMe used an accounting trick and some creative marketing to magically claim coverage for 750+ data brokers almost overnight.

The way this accounting trick works is DeleteMe counted every site they’d ever removed a profile from over the prior 14 years including those submitted via Custom Requests and began advertising all of those sites as “Sites We Removed From”. Notice the clever use of words “Sites We Removed From” vs. the most industry standard “Sites We Cover”. Never mind many of the sites listed are no longer in business, or that 90% of the sites are not actually covered by default by any DeleteMe plan.

Year DeleteMe Standard Coverage link
2019 38 Source
2020 41 Source
2021 38 Source
2022 Says 580+ Source
2023 Says 750+ Current page
Coverage “headline” number per the DeleteMe website.

The chart below displays the number of data brokers claimed by DeleteMe on its coverage page over time. Blue indicates Custom Requests, Red indicates data brokers covered by default by a DeleteMe plan. By claiming Custom Requests, DeleteMe gives the illusion of massive coverage, nevermind that many other personal data removal services such as Optery also offer Custom Requests, but most others do not inflate their coverage numbers in this way.

🧮 DeleteMe Plans & Pricing

DeleteMe provides four different plans: 

  • DeleteMe Standard: This plan removes your information from ~40 sites and processes removals and reports every three months, providing you with a total of 6 reports and removal cycles per year.
  • DeleteMe Gold: This plan removes your information from over 70 sites through privacy reports that are processed every two months, providing you with  a total of 6 reports per year.
  • DeleteMe Platinum: This plan removes your information from over 85 data brokers and people search sites through privacy reports that are processed every month. It also includes unlimited custom removal requests and 12 emergency removal requests.
  • DeleteMe VIP: This plan removes your information from over 100 data brokers and people search sites through privacy reports that are processed every month. It also includes unlimited custom removal requests and 12 emergency removal requests.

Plan/Feature Coverage Cost
DeleteMe Standard 40+ sites $129 annually/$209 every two years.
DeleteMe Gold 70+ sites $180 per year per member.
DeleteMe Platinum 85+ sites $1000 per year per member
DeleteMe VIP 100+ sites $5000 per year per member.
DeleteMe Family 2 Person With Standard Plan $229 annually/$349 every two years, Additional discounts available for up to 5+ people.
DeleteMe Business plan Custom. Must contact customer support.

🛠️ Optery’s Free Self-Service DIY Opt Out Tools

In addition to paid subscription plans, Optery also provides all users with a Free Basic plan that includes free quarterly scanning, opt out links, and emails for the self-service approach. The free self-service tools in the Optery Dashboard are a huge time-saver for users who want free scans to see where they are exposed and then click on over to the opt out link for the hundreds of data brokers listed.

Optery Dashboard with Self Service Opt Out Links – June 2023

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