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Optery’s Statement on Data Security

Last Updated: September 5, 2023

As a consumer data privacy company, we are fully committed to the security of our customers’ data.  When you sign up for our services, you are entrusting us with your personal information and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Consistent with this commitment, Optery has completed its AICPA SOC 2, Type II security audit, and makes its audit report available to Optery for Business corporate customers under NDA. You can learn more about Optery’s SOC 2, Type II security audit here:

This information page explains how we secure our registered users’ data (“user data”) at and  This page is not intended to replace the official Terms of Service or Privacy Policy for our web site and app, and it does not apply to unregistered visitors to our web site.

As described in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, Optery does not sell or rent personal information to any third parties for any purpose.  Optery is not a data broker. Optery does not have any financial relationship with any data broker. Optery is not affiliated with any data broker.  Optery uses collected data from users to deliver its Removal Services.  As a registered user or paying customer, you are the only owner of your Personal Data and can request disclosure or deletion at any time.


We utilize a number of technical, organizational, process and physical strategies and tactics to secure your personal information.  We employ experienced, professional engineers dedicated to the healthy function of our systems and protecting your information.  Securing our customers’ data is a continuous priority for our company and is considered seriously in every decision we make. 

World-class Infrastructure Hosted in the United States

Optery products run on world-class infrastructure in separate access-controlled environments provided by Amazon Web Service (AWS).  AWS provides state of the art security for its platforms and facilities.  Amazon complies with the latest industry security standards and has received multiple certifications and reports, including ISO 27001/27017/27018 and AICPA SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 (SSAE 16/ISAE 3402). For more information on Amazon’s security credentials, please visit and

Data Encryption

All user data in transit, including usernames and passwords, is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.3 protocol (i.e. HTTPS / SSL) to prevent interception of your data.

All data at rest is encrypted using encrypted database instances at Amazon using the industry standard AWS RDS with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption algorithm.  Encryption keys and encrypted data are stored separately using AWS’ Key Management System (KMS).  We encrypt user account passwords using the PBKDF2 algorithm with a SHA256 hash.

User Authentication and Passwords

When creating and updating accounts, users are not permitted to save weak or obvious passwords.  User account passwords must be a minimum of eight characters long, and contain at least one number, symbol, and uppercase and lowercase character.  

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) / 2-Step Verification (2FA)

Optery supports Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) / 2-Step Verification (2FA) for all user accounts for an additional layer security. MFA / 2FA is highly recommend for Optery users, but is not required.

Adding MFA / 2FA helps prevent your account from being compromised at login from someone that has guessed or stolen your password. In order to enable MFA / 2FA, you first need to install on your mobile device an authenticator application such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or any other compatible authenticator app. The authenticator app will generate a new six digit Time-Based One-Time Passcodes (TOTP) every 30 seconds. This passcode, which is also sometimes referred to as a “token”, will be used when you login as an additional verification that you are true owner of the account, and not an intruder.

Instructions for setting up MFA / 2FA can be found on our Help Desk here.

Optery employees and contractors are required and enforced to utilize MFA / 2FA everywhere possible.

Access Control

Optery minimizes the number of individuals that have access to user data and critical systems necessary to do their jobs using the “least privilege” principle.  For those that do have access, we secure access using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA) everywhere possible.  When employees and contractors are terminated from the company, their data and systems access privileges are revoked immediately. 

Applications and System Security

Our applications and systems are kept up-to-date to ensure they are and patched with the latest security updates.  Critical applications and systems passwords are only issued to a few individuals in the company.

Employee and Contractor Confidentiality Agreements

Prior to the start of employment or services, Optery requires all employees and contractors to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements preventing the employees and contractors from storing or distributing user information outside the scope of their responsibilities for the company. 

Third-party Vendors and Service Providers

Optery uses third-party vendors and service providers. You acknowledge and agree that Optery may use and provide your PII to the following third-party vendors and service providers to monitor, analyze, support, service, secure, market, improve, and/or provide our Service. Any such third-party vendors and service providers will only be given access to your PII and personal data as is reasonably necessary to monitor, analyze, support, service, secure, market, monetize, improve, and/or provide our Service.

Entity Name Purpose Location More Information
Amazon Web Services Cloud Hosting USA
Amplitude Product Analytics USA
Crisp Customer Support USA Email Marketing, Notifications USA
Google Ads Marketing USA
Google Marketing Platform Analytics, Marketing, Tag Management USA
Google Workspace Internal Communications, Customer Support USA
Hotjar Product Analytics USA
Hubspot Customer Relationship Management USA
Linkedin Marketing USA
Mailgun Customer Analytics USA
Meta Marketing USA
Profitwell Revenue Management USA
Reddit Marketing USA
Slack Internal Communications, Customer Support USA
Stripe Payment Processing USA
Optery Third-Party Vendors That May Process Your PII

Reporting Security Concerns

If you believe you’ve found a potential user data security vulnerability with Optery, or if you believe we have not honored this statement, please Contact Us providing as much information as possible and we will review and act on your inquiry carefully and as necessary.

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