We Help People Remove Their Profiles from Data Brokers

We’re passionate about removing your personal information from the companies selling your data.

What We Do

When you want to prevent data brokers and people search sites from exposing your personal information, you can use Optery to have your profiles removed. Our free platform also provides unprecedented and unparalleled visibility into where your personal information is being posted and sold online.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put consumers in control of their personal data.

The Problem We're Dedicated to Solving

Thousands of companies collect personal information about you and then sell or expose that information without your permission.  These companies are known as “data brokers” and they’ve been taking advantage of consumers for decades.

Some data brokers are trusted household names you’d never expect like Albertsons, Forbes, Mastercard, Oracle, The Weather Company (IBM), Tivo, TripAdvisor and Visa, and others are companies you’ve probably never heard of like Acxiom, Cardlytics, Epsilon, Factual, Intelius, IRI, LiveRamp, Radaris and Neustar.  All the major consumer credit reporting companies such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are data brokers.  Big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are generally not considered data brokers, but their platforms are integrated so tightly with data brokers and data brokering activities, that the lines are often blurred from an ordinary consumer’s perspective.

Most data brokers make it intentionally difficult for consumers to opt out.  It’s challenging and time consuming, especially since most data brokers operate in the shadows by design, unknown to the average consumer.  Those that do operate in the open typically make it difficult or nearly impractical to opt out.  It’s no wonder they do this, there’s a fortune at stake in the ~$160 billion market for consumer data and digital advertising.

We’ve taken up these problems as our challenge and dedicated ourselves to leveling the playing field for consumers and helping put them in control of their personal data.  We provide tools and services that give consumers visibility into their profiles at data brokers and enable them to execute their right to opt out.  Our long-term vision is to enable consumers and data brokers to interact in fairness and transparency in a way that honors consumers’ preferences and legal rights.

Our Team

Prior to founding Optery, Lawrence led Accenture’s Data Management Platforms (DMP) practice in North America.  Prior to Accenture he was a Product Management and Technical Consulting leader at Oracle and BlueKai (acquired by Oracle for $400MM+).  As an entrepreneur, Lawrence co-founded the remote collaboration company Screenleap and is credited with launching the first online facebook at Stanford in 1999 (Steamtunnels).  Lawrence is an alumnus of Stanford (BA), Duke (MBA), and Y Combinator (Screenleap, W12).

Chen Atlas - Optery

Chen Atlas

Founder, CTO

Prior to founding Optery, Chen was tech lead and architect for 50+ engineers at Runa HR.  Prior to Runa HR he was Co-Founder and CTO of the anytime hotel bookings company As You Stay, and Cleanly, the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service.  Chen was recruited out of high school by the Israel Defense Forces (Mamram) to build logistics platforms and is an expert in building large scale complex systems with high availability.  Chen is an alumnus of Bar-Ilan University (BA) and Y Combinator (Cleanly, W15).

Dekel Barzilay

Dekel Barzilay

Co-Founder, VP, R&D

Prior to co-founding Optery, Dekel was Chief Architect at Lusha, leading the company’s technical architecture through it’s hyper-growth to 540K+ users. Earlier in his career, Dekel founded startups Cya Lights and JamOnJam, and previously was a full stack developer at Gigya (acquired by SAP for $350MM).  Dekel’s expertise is in Research and Development for Deep Neural Networks (AI), Embedded (IoT), Cloud, Networks, and Web and Mobile applications.

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