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Optery’s Resources for High-Risk Communities

High-risk individuals

At Optery, we specialize in removing personal information from data brokers and people-search sites. These sites collect sensitive personal information including phone numbers, email, home addresses, relatives’ names, and more, and make it readily available to anyone through a simple Google search.

This online exposure makes people vulnerable to a wide range of digital and physical attacks, including phishing scams, identity theft, doxing, stalking, harassment, and violence. Malicious actors use the information found on data broker sites to find and target their victims, and high-risk groups are especially in need of protection.

To support these communities, Optery offers:

Free Personal and Business Plans to Monitor and Remove Exposed Personal Information:

  • Free Personal Plan: Includes personalized exposure reports with screenshots, custom scans of Google search results, self-service removal tools, phone and email scan preferences, profile visibility across numerous sites, and standard email support. Get Started with a Personal Plan.
  • Free Business Plan: Provides non-profits and organizations supporting high-risk communities with a self-service platform for finding and removing employee and client PII from the web. Features include a privacy management dashboard, rapid personalized reports, self-service removal tools, regular Google search scans, and free basic accounts for up to 10 users, ideal for shelters, advocacy groups, and other high-risk community organizations. Get Started with a Business Plan.
  • Discounted Services: For those who want Optery to handle the removals automatically, we offer paid plans with advanced features. Receive a 20% discount on these paid plans if you are military personnel, a veteran, a healthcare worker, a victim of domestic violence, stalking, assault, harassment, bullying, a public servant, a teacher, a senior, or a member of the Address Confidentiality Program.
    • Eligible individuals can enter the appropriate discount code at checkout for 20% off any plan, forever.
    • If you are an existing customer needing a discount code applied to your current subscription, please contact Optery Support and we’ll be happy to help you.
    • Proof of eligibility is not required, but Optery reserves the right to request documentation and will cancel the discount if the code has been used in bad faith.
    • Multiple discount codes or promotions cannot be combined.

Optery’s free open-source Global Privacy Control (GPC) Extension

Optery’s open-source Global Privacy Control (GPC) Extension empowers you to automatically communicate your privacy preferences to websites using the powerful GPC signal. Designed for simplicity, our extension allows even those without technical expertise to easily navigate and utilize the extension.

By adopting the Global Privacy Control standard, Optery’s extension ensures that your opt-out requests are respected by participating websites, significantly reducing unwanted tracking and data collection. Get GPC Extension.

Coming soon:

These initiatives ensure that vulnerable individuals and organizations have the tools necessary to protect against both cyber and physical threats that stem from online exposure.

Examples of How Specific Pieces of Personal Information Can Be Exploited by Malicious Actors:

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