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Remove your employees’ personal information from the internet to reduce your company’s risks for phishing, social engineering, hacking, identity theft, fraud, harassment and physical violence.

SOC 2 Compliant

Unlike any other product in this field, Optery doesn’t just state that your data was found, like IDX Privacy. It also doesn’t simply list the found data items, like DeleteMe. Rather, the report presents you with a screenshot of your actual profile data on the site ... With the Removals report, you see what was found along with a new screenshot demonstrating that the data was removed, and a link to verify the removal. No other personal data removal service I’ve seen gives you this level of verification.

Neil J. Rubenking
Lead Analyst for Security, PCMag.com

Reduce your company's surface area for attack

Personal information removal software should be deployed alongside other business security tools such as antivirus software, password managers, firewalls, and virtual private networks (VPN) to maximize your company’s security posture.

Protect Your Team

Leaving your employees' personal information exposed online makes them easy targets for malicious actors

Home address can be used for physical confrontation and real world harassment - executives and front line workers are the most vulnerable

Phishing attacks are increasingly sophisticated using personal details found online such as family members' names, age, past addresses, and relationship history

In addition to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), data brokers post religious, ethnic and political affiliations, past criminal history, and estimated net worth and income for anyone in the world to see

Family members are often targeted as the "weakest link" if the primary target has already secured themself

Prevent Social Engineering
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Data Brokers Covered
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Customer Opt Outs / Removals
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Average # of Profiles Found Per Person

Why Optery for Business?

Most comprehensive, thorough, and transparent personal information removal product on the market - PCMag.com named Optery "Editors' Choice" as the most outstanding product in the personal data removal category

Robust business administrator dashboard enables self-service member management, billing and visibility into your organization's protection and progress

Optery combines the most advanced opt out automation and patented search technology with a team of expert human Privacy Agents to ensure the highest quality results in the industry

Monthly automated exposure scans and removals

No affiliation with data brokers, and no data brokering activities (unlike OneRep, BrandYourself and HelloPrivacy)

Product roadmap is 100% focused on data privacy opt outs and removals

Incorporated in the state of Delaware as a C Corporation and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area

Optery for Business Administrator Dashboard
Optery for Business Administrator Dashboard




Try Before You Buy

If you’re researching personal data removal services for your business, our #1 recommendation is to try a few products before you buy. This can be as simple as signing up for a removal service’s free scan, or upgrading a test account to see how well the removal services work.

We’re confident our patented search technology, automated opt out software, trained team of Privacy Agent experts and business administrator dashboard will outperform any competing service on the market. 

We find more exposed profiles than anyone, including Google!

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