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The Optery Global Privacy Control (GPC) Extension

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Published Date: Jun 17, 2024

The Optery Global Privacy Control (GPC) Extension, a free and open-source browser tool designed to significantly reduce unwanted tracking and personal data collection, is now available for anyone to use. 

What it Does:

The Optery GPC browser extension sends a signal to websites you visit, informing them that you do not want your personal information sold or shared.

Designed for simplicity, our extension allows even those without technical expertise to easily navigate and utilize it.

By adopting the Global Privacy Control standard, Optery’s extension ensures that your privacy preferences are respected by participating websites.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Privacy Signal: Once installed, the extension automatically sends the GPC signal to websites you visit, indicating your preference to not have your personal information sold or shared.
  • Easy Control: Toggle the signal on or off with a simple click on the extension’s icon in your browser toolbar.
  • Privacy by Default: Ensures your preferences are communicated without needing manual settings on each site.

The Optery GPC Extension works only on websites that respect the GPC standard, and some websites may still collect your personal information. You can always review a website’s privacy policy to learn more about how they collect and use your data.

Protect your personal information from being sold or shared with our new extension, available now from the Chrome Web Store.

Check out the video below for installation instructions:

For more information, visit our help desk article here.

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