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Opt Out of Data Brokers


Why Opt Out of Data Brokers?

Remove Your Home Address from Google

Stalkers and troublemakers can obtain your home address for you and your family members from data brokers in search engines such at Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Prevent Identity Theft and Fraud

Identity thieves utilize data brokers to retrieve personal information that can be used to forge documents, guess passwords, and answer secret questions to gain access to your accounts.

Reduce Phishing, Spam Calls and Email

Data brokers sell your email address and phone number without your knowledge or permission. This results in phishing attempts, and unwanted spam calls and email.

Strengthen Your Digital Privacy Protections

Reduce your digital footprint and surface area for attack by limiting the amount information that's available on you and can fall into the wrong hands.

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How It Works

1) Create Free Account

Sign up for your Free Basic account. We need your first name, last name, city, state, and birth year to locate your profile among the millions of others out there.

2) Explore Where You're Exposed

Click the profile links to see which data brokers are exposing and selling your personal information.

3) Opt Out Self-Service or With a Paid Plan

If you'd like to remove the profiles yourself, navigate to the self-service opt out pages. Don't have the time? Upgrade to a paid plan and we'll submit your removals for you.

4) Track Progress for Paid Plans

Within a few days, you'll start seeing progress updates in your account dashboard. Some data brokers remove profiles immediately. Others take multiple weeks.

5) Update Your Profile

The more info you provide, the better we'll be able to find your profiles and, for paid plan users, continue removing your profiles on an ongoing basis.

6) Opt Outs Re-Sent Multiple Times Per Year

Data brokers constantly refresh their databases and sometimes "forget" your opt out. For paid plan users, we re-deliver requests multiple times per year to keep you opted out.

Data Broker Opt Out Dashboard

Discover Who's Exposing You

Our free platform provides unprecedented and unparalleled visibility into your exposed profile data at 100+ people search directories.  We provide more coverage than Google!


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Opt out of the top 170+ data brokers all in one place

Unparalleled visibility into your exposed profile data at 100+ people search directories

Our list of covered data brokers is continually growing

Remove your contact info from Google by deleting it from the source

Opt out requests are refreshed and re-delivered multiple times per year for paid plan users

Paid plan users can view the progress of removals in real-time

Remove personal info like home address, family members, age, phone number, email, photos

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) / 2-Step Verification (2FA) for an additional layer of account security

Our Customer Support Specialists are ready to serve you

Strengthen your personal data privacy with managed opt outs

Optery’s data broker removals can be used alongside other privacy tools such as antivirus software, ad and tracker blockers, privacy browsers, identity theft monitoring, and virtual private networks (VPN) to maximize your privacy protection.

Our Plans

Free Basic

Explore where your profile and personal info is exposed at the top 100+ people search directory sites. We provide shortcuts for you to submit removal requests yourself.


Privacy protection plan covering removals from the top 80+ people search directory sites (BeenVerified, InstantCheckmate, Intelius, Spokeo, TruthFinder, more) and visibility across the top 100+ sites.


Broad removals coverage across the top 100+ people search directory sites, and full visibility into our complete database of 170+ people search directory sites.


Maximum visibility and privacy protection coverage across our full database of 170+ people search directory sites.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Optery Review by John F.

This is eye opening. Seems that the default ‘user preference’ of the internet is ‘display my private info anywhere’. This product is essential as nobody has the time to contact all these different outlets. Great job!


Optery Review by Aleem C.

This product gives me great comfort that my sensitive information is more protected, especially in this day and age with increased cyber attacks. I love what Optery is doing!


Optery Review by FidusOccultus

Interesting product – I will definitely be trying it for my elderly in-laws – they seem to be receiving more and more unsolicited emails and ads specifically targeted to people over 65. They are unable to identify what is safe to open, and can’t stand all the ads that pop-up when they try to use the internet. Some of the stuff they get seems innocent enough to them, but is really taking advantage of them – they have lost money to those creeps. I would like to get their info off of data broker sites.


Optery Review by Dan G.

The amount of data being shared, bought and sold about us is beyond what most people imagine. This is a great tool to start to gain control over that data and put new and expanding legal rights to work for you.


Optery Review by David G.

In my working life, I’ve seen first hand just how pervasive personal data collection has become, and some of the ways that data is being used…and most people would never imagine WHAT data is being harvested about them or HOW their data is being sold and used. There are things we as individuals can do to stop this, but it’s incredibly time-consumig and frustrating having to constantly deal with these data brokers and request they delete your data.
Optery is making this easy…it’s something I’m recommending to my family members (who, let’s be honest, would never bother to submit data deletion requests to all those brokers on their own). And I love that these folks are helping consumers reclaim some of their power in the data economy.


Optery Review by Joseph L.

Big fan of Optery! It makes it easy to remove your info from various people databases, and I’ve already noticed less spam (mail, phone calls, etc…) since I started using. Keep up the good work!

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