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Add data removal services to your application with our API


Over 320+ data brokers supported


Quick and easy to integrate

Why Optery API?

Protect Your Customers from Digital & Physical Threats

Scans hundreds of data broker web sites for your customers and processes automated removals enabling you to offer an award-winning privacy solution and protect your customers from phishing and social engineering, identity theft and fraud, online stalking and harassment, doxxing, and personal information showing up in Google search results.

without leaving your own application or software

With Optery’s seamless integration, you can quickly scan
hundreds of data brokers, produce dozens of screenshots your customers can see, and send automated opt out requests for removal.

Additionally, you can provide ongoing monitor and deliver notifications when new data is exposed online. This enables you to help ensure the privacy and security of your customers’ personal information.


Protect Your Customers from Digital & Physical Threats

Integrate industry-leading personal data removal software that was awarded ”Editors’ Choice” by as the most outstanding product in its category in 2022 and 2023.

Simple & efficient process


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Optery has a United States Patent for “Dynamically creating custom hyperlinks for predefined search queries for multiple websites” that enables us to find and remove more customer profiles than any other company.


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We’ve developed the most comprehensive, thorough, and transparent information removal product on the market. This is why named Optery “Editors’ Choice” as the most outstanding product in its category in 2022 & 2023.


Ongoing Monitoring

Data brokers are inconsistent in how long they honor opt outs and some privacy laws permit data brokers to disregard your opt out request after 1 year, so ongoing monitoring and re-submitting
removal requests are necessary on an ongoing basis.

Embed Screenshots

Retrieve a list of screenshots programmatically for each customer showcasing instances where your customer's data has been found exposed online by data brokers. The image highlights specific locations in the screenshot where the member's data was identified.

Securing your data is our top priority

As a consumer data privacy company, we are fully committed to the security of your data. Customers entrust us with their personal data and we take that responsibility very seriously.



We are SOC 2, Type II Certified

Consistent with our commitment to customer data security, Optery has completed its AICPA SOC 2, Type II security audit, and makes its audit report available to Optery for Business corporate customers under NDA. You can learn more about Optery’s SOC 2, Type II security audit here.

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