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Optery Review by Shandeya

Thank you for all that you do. You are helping lives and giving identity back to the rightful owner. Bless you for your work and your service to the people. I wish more people could afford it or knew more about this work and your organization. It took me a while to know what to even look for, that led me down the path of finding your service for clean up on aisle "theft". YOUR cyber security work, to clean up identity fraud and compromised Cyber Security for people is greatly needed. The mess of fraud and scams to reclaim is tiresome for people. Thank you for taking over. I am exhausted and FTC can only handle so much of this, there is no time to delete all the data "theft shoppers for identity" to steal, while also monitoring for the FTC as a government agency. So, thank you. Only regret is had I not found you sooner.

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