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What is an Exposure Report?

Last Modified Date: Apr 11, 2023
Note: this article assumes you already know what Data Brokers and People Search Sites are, and you want to remove your information.

Table of Contents

  • Intro to the Exposure Report
  • How is Optery’s Scanning Different?
  • DIY Removal Tools
  • 1-minute Explainer Video
  • Example Exposure Report
  • Next Steps After Receiving Your Report
  • Links to Optery’s Help Docs

An Exposure Report is a type of scan or search. When you sign up for Optery, we search 315+ data broker sites for your information. The PDF report you get is called an Exposure Report.

You can find your Exposure Reports in the left hand menu of the Optery app (see screenshot), and they are also emailed directly to you in PDF format.

Optery Dashboard How to find Exposure Report Scan
Exposure Report location in the Optery Dashboard

🤔 So the Exposure Report is just a Scan? So what?

We know that there are other data removal services out there. Many of them offer scanning and a few even offer free scanning, like Optery does. So what makes Optery’s Exposure Report different?

Here are a few key advantages to Optery’s scanning:

  1. You get FREE scanning 💸
  2. We keep scanning for you 📅 – Every 3 months for free-tier members
  3. You get actual Screenshots 📷 – Huge time-savings and transparency
  4. We cover the Most Data Brokers 📈 (315+) – Some competitors claim to cover more, but when you dig into the fine-print 🕵️‍♂️ you’ll find Optery covers more and our coverage is always increasing.
  5. You get Free DIY Removal Tools 🛠️ – Take our Free Report and then do the removals yourself using our time-saving tools in the dashboard! You’ll get a new report every 90 days ensuring you have continued .

Optery’s DIY Tools

Going the DIY route? Start by signing up for Free scanning.

You’ll get the same on-going scanning as our Paid users get. Then, in the Optery Dashboard (see below), you can see where you’re exposed along with all the necessary contact info and links to Opt Out of each data broker on your own. You can always upgrade to a Paid Plan later if you choose.

🚀 So yeah, we have the best product, but don’t take our word for it! did a comprehensive review of Optery and our competitors and awarded Optery the coveted PCMag Editors’ Choice Award 🏆

▶️ Check out this 1-minute video with more info on the Exposure Report

🙌 Example Exposure Report

Curious what an Optery Exposure Report actually looks like? Here are 10 pages (out of 65 in this particular case) from an Exposure Report for our guy George Orwell! Btw, did you know that George Orwell was a pen name? Details have been redacted to protect any real George Orwells. Two plus two equals five!

🔎 Detailed Info About the Exposure Report and DIY Removals

This Exposure Report is generated to help you understand where your private information is exposed and sold online. It represents a snapshot of the profiles we remove at Optery, but is not comprehensive of all data brokers we cover.

If you’re still on the Free Basic plan, but after reviewing this report you decide you want to take action to have your profiles removed, you can do one of the following:

  • Option 1 – Upgrade Your Plan and We’ll Submit The Removals For You
    • If you don’t have time to submit and manage the data broker removals yourself,you can upgrade your plan for privacy protection coverage and we’ll submit the removals for you. Removals typically start happening within 48 hours after you upgrade. Learn more
  • Option 2 – Submit the Removals Yourself (Self Service)
    • Click through the “Primary Opt Out URL” links under “show more” on your Dashboard to submit the data broker removal requests yourself. Important Tip: When submitting opt out requests to data brokers yourself, we highly recommend creating a disposable (a.k.a. “burner”) email address, and Not using your primary email address, as just reaching out to data brokers often adds you to their lists.

One thing to keep in mind is that, unfortunately, removing you from hundreds of data brokers does not happen instantaneously. Some data brokers process removals within 24 hours, but others take several weeks. Even after your profile has been removed from a data broker, Google and Bing can take additional time to remove listings from their search results cache.

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