Online Dating Privacy Concerns

When you start online dating, you have choices as to how much information that you can reveal on those sites. Be aware of what information a bad actor can find in a data broker site and potentially find out where you live, your phone number, and other sensitive personal information.

Staying Anonymous and Private Online

When our users first run a Free Exposure Report, often they are astonished at how much information of theirs is out there that they didn’t volunteer. For millions of Americans, these data brokers have their personal information and are selling it online.

Staying Private When Online Dating

It’s very simple using these People Search Data Broker sites to find out your phone number and then all of a sudden you’re getting unwanted text messages or even phone calls.

Staying Safe When Online Dating

After we started Optery, what was surprising is we were getting messages from people saying, “Hey, I do online dating. And the thing that I’m most concerned with is I don’t want my age out there.”

Online Dating Privacy and Safety

When we started Optery, we thought about all the reasons why people wanted to protect their information and remove it from the web. And the places that we started with was things like preventing identity theft, preventing fraud, preventing phishing attacks, preventing doxing.And to be honest, I never considered that we would be helping people with their online dating activities.

Web browsing privacy

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How Data Brokers Manipulate You

What People Search Sites are really good at is stoking people’s psychology. They have all of these devices that have been built up over decades through trial and error that are are designed to get people to take the next step, to garner more curiosity, to get them to complete a form or to get them to hand over their credit card.

7 Reasons Why Cybersecurity is Important in 2022

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What Data Brokers Know About You

Finding out that data brokers sell personal information of yours that you didn’t offer to them to begin with can be disturbing, and the fact that it’s gone unregulated for so long makes it a little bit scarier as far as the information that you can actually find out about other people now.

What Are People Search Sites?

Data brokers are companies that collect information on consumers and then sell that information to other companies. And the data broker ecosystem is vast.It’s a galaxy of companies that exist in this space. Most of the data brokers ordinary people don’t know who they are or that they exist. The ones that peek their heads out of the shadows the most are data brokers that we call People Search Sites.