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Optery founder and CEO Lawrence Gentilello joins The Lockdown – Practical Privacy & Security podcast with Ray Heffer

Last Modified Date: Mar 14, 2024


In this episode, cybersecurity and privacy expert Ray Heffer talks with Lawrence Gentellio, the CEO and Founder of Optery, about the intricacies of data brokers, Lawrence’s own experience with identity theft, the current state of privacy in the U.S. and its future, the bare minimum people should be doing to protect and secure their private data, and much more.

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“People have this ‘Oh I’ve got nothing to hide, I don’t care about privacy.’ But my response is always ‘Oh you have a lot to protect, your identity being one of those things, so why shouldn’t you care?’”

Ray H

“I really hope that we would get something at the federal level, that we would have a consistent standard privacy law for all citizens of the United States. It’s kind of shocking that in this day and age in 2024 we still don’t have one…At a bare minimum it can and should say consumers have the right to opt-out. What’s kind of crazy is most people in the United States today don’t even have that legal right. If you’re in a state that doesn’t have a privacy law, you literally do not have the legal right to opt-out. And when data brokers honor the opt-outs, it’s really just a kind of self-enforcement and self-policing themselves.”

Lawrence on the future of privacy in the U.S

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