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Optery CEO and Founder Lawrence Gentilello interviewed on the “Unscripted” podcast

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Last Modified Date: Jul 05, 2024

Optery CEO and Founder Lawrence Gentilello recently appeared on the Unscripted podcast with David Raviv.

Unscripted is a podcast focused on making the intricacies of security, privacy, and technology more accessible to everyone. Hosted by enterprise cybersecurity expert David Raviv, each episode journeys through the minds of entrepreneurs and leaders, sharing unfiltered stories and insights. It covers venture capitalism, software development, and emerging technologies, emphasizing open dialogue for meaningful insights. Beyond a podcast, “Unscripted” is a thought leadership platform where tech and business minds share, inspire, and provoke, catering to founders, investors, and tech enthusiasts.

In this episode, David talks with Lawrence about his journey to founding Optery, how personal data collection has changed over time, the role of privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR, practical tips such as using temporary addresses and disposable emails, challenges with data brokers and state laws, the potential for federal privacy laws, strategies for dealing with exposed data on the dark web and data broker sites, how Optery helps users control their data, and much more!

Listen to the episode below for practical advice on protecting your data and insights into the world of online privacy.

Lawrence Gentilello

“Initially this industry…started off with consumers. But increasingly the biggest growth vector in our industry right now is companies and the government. So more and more this is viewed as a serious cybersecurity tool to get executives’, employees’, judges’, police officers’, election workers’ and politicians’ information off the web.” – Lawrence Gentilello

“You’re providing a service that’s much needed. It’s not just for individuals who want to be private. I think it’s for everyone. I think everybody should be conscious and mindful in terms of what it is that they’re sharing online and offline and start having control over their assets, which is their information.” – David Raviv

David Raviv

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