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Introducing Optery for Family 🏠

Last Modified Date: Feb 28, 2024

Optery now enables you to protect unlimited loved ones with Optery for Family. You can protect friends and family, and the more you add, the greater your discount, up to 30% off all your plan.

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Optery for Family requires no commitments, and offers ultimate flexibility. You can add family members to a paid plan for immediate coverage, or start them on a Free Basic account to learn more and see their initial Exposure Report before deciding. It only takes a few moments to invite your first loved one.

🤔 Got Questions about Optery for Family?

Review step by step instructions with screen shots on how Optery for Family works on our Help Desk. You can start reducing your loved ones’ risks for phishing, social engineering, hacking, fraud and harassment immediately.

Learn How it Works on our Help Desk

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