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Optery Awarded Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech for Security and Privacy

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Last Modified Date: Feb 01, 2024

FastCompany’s 2023 Next Big Things in Tech list is out, and we’re honored to be on it! Optery is thrilled to secure a win in the Security and Privacy category, highlighting our innovative approach to data protection for individuals, families, and enterprises.

Optery launched in California in 2020, uses a patented search tool to pierce data brokers’ anti-bot systems and find out who has your information, with … jaw-dropping results.

Selecting the Pioneers in Tech

Fast Company’s awards reviewed 1,300+ applicants to honor 119 innovators transforming industries from healthcare to cybersecurity. The criteria included relevance, innovation, impact, and potential.

Rigorous evaluations and discussions lead to selecting the winners. “With Next Big Things in Tech, our aim is to honor projects based not only on what they’ve already achieved but where they’re poised to go,” says Fast Company global technology editor Harry McCracken.

Read on for more info on Optery and Fast Company’s award.

More about Fast Company

Focused on technology, business, and design

Established in 1995, Fast Company has become a key player in business journalism, particularly in technology, business, and design. The magazine, known for its insightful content both online and in print, was founded by former Harvard Business Review editors and has been influential in highlighting business innovation​​ [1].

The Next Big Things in Tech awards by Fast Company, now a notable event in the tech world, rigorously select breakthrough technologies impacting diverse sectors. From over 1,300 applicants, only 119 were recognized in the latest round, showcasing Fast Company’s focus on significant technological advancements with real-world impacts

“The Next Big Things in Tech is not just a look around the corner—it’s a look around the corner after that […] These are the products and ideas that will define technological innovation for the rest of this decade and beyond—and solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. We are thrilled to honor the organizations that are making them a reality.”

Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief of Fast Company.

More About Optery

Optery is the first company to offer a free report with dozens of screenshots showing where your personal information is being posted by hundreds of data brokers online, and the first to offer IT teams a completely self-service platform for finding and removing employee personal information from the web.

Optery subscription plans automatically remove customers from these sites, clearing your home address, phone number, email and other personal information from the Internet at scale. The service is used to prevent threats like phishing, social engineering, identity theft, harassment and physical violence.

Optery has completed its AICPA SOC 2, Type II security certification, and distinguishes itself with unparalleled search technology, data removal automation, visual evidence-based before-and-after reporting, data broker coverage, and API integration options.

In addition to Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech award for security and privacy in 2023, Optery was awarded “Editors’ Choice” by as the most outstanding product in the personal data removal category in 2022 and 2023.

Tens of thousands of users rely on Optery to prevent attacks and keep their personal information off the Internet.

“We are honored to be recognized as a winner in the security and privacy category for Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech […] This recognition underscores Optery’s pivotal role in safeguarding the security and privacy of individuals and enterprises, and highlights the impact of our unique approach to data rights management. From supporting families seeking to remove their home address from the internet to supporting businesses focused on eliminating gaps in the security posture of their employees and customers, we continuously strive to innovate and make data control effective and accessible for everyone. We extend our congratulations to all honorees and remain incredibly excited about our contributions to the advancement of personal data rights and protection.”

Lawrence Gentilello, CEO and Founder of Optery

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