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Optery Launches Authorized Agent

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Published Date: Nov 11, 2023

📢Appointing Optery as Your Authorized Agent with Limited Power of Attorney

We’re excited to share Optery now delivers opt out demands to data brokers backed by a signed Limited Power of Attorney. Due to the skyrocketing volume of our removal requests, some data brokers have implemented new processes requiring a signed Limited Power of Attorney to comply. This powerful new feature has un-blocked us on several of the most difficult and in-demand data brokers and is enabling us to rapidly expand coverage across more data brokers. There’s no cost for the feature, it is free to all users.

Ready to Review And Sign Now? 

Navigate to the “Manage Profile” page inside your Optery account and then click the “Power of Attorney” tab. Once you agree and sign, we’ll start delivering your removal demands backed by Limited Power of Attorney immediately.

Review and Sign the Limited Power of Attorney

🤔Got Questions on How it Works First?

Learn all about how the Limited Power of Attorney and Authorized Agent functions work on our Help Desk, including step by step instructions with screen shots. 

This new feature is Optional, but Highly Recommended to dramatically improve the scope and scale of your removals going forward! 

Learn How it Works on our Help Desk

Review the Step by Step Instructions

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