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Last Modified Date: Feb 18, 2024

What is

In this post, we’ll cover what FastPeopleSearch is and Step-by-Step instructions on How to Opt Out of

FastPeopleSearch is a people search site. You can search by name, reverse phone lookup, or reverse address lookup. Unlike some other data brokers, Fast People Search doesn’t provide much detail about who THEY are. The site is very minimal, a simple page with a search box. But run a quick search (if you dare) and you’ll see FastPeopleSearch knows all about YOU.

How do I Opt Out and Remove Myself from

Currently, there are three ways to remove your personal information from data broker sites like FastPeopleSearch:

  1. Sign up for Optery's automated opt out and data deletion service. Our service will monitor and remove your profile from dozens of data brokers on an ongoing basis. Click here to sign up and get started with a free account and to learn about our automated service plans.
  2. Remove your personal information from FastPeopleSearch by following the steps outlined below. Optery provides guides with step-by-step opt out instructions for many other data brokers here.
  3. If you are a resident of California, you can opt out of data broker sites that follow the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) law. Click here to review Instructions for submitting a CCPA Data Deletion Request.

How do I Opt Out of Manually?

1) Go to Enter your email address, check the little box to agree to the website’s conditions, complete the CAPTCHA, then click the BEGIN REMOVAL PROCESS button.


2) Enter your full name, city, and state into the search box, then click the FREE SEARCH button. 


3) Look through the search results to find your listing. Click the name to open the profile.


4) On the profile page, click “REMOVE MY RECORD” to proceed with your opt out.


5) An on-screen confirmation of the successful opt-out submission will appear. 

6) Check your inbox. Click to open the attached URL link in the email to complete the opt-out process.


7) You will be redirected to an on-screen notification of the successful opt-out process. Typically, a profile will be removed within 72 hours.


Enhanced Online Privacy: You’ve removed yourself from FastPeopleSearch. Now what?

We live in an age where personal information is at everyone’s fingertips via people search engines like FastPeopleSearch. This has important implications for personal privacy, safety and security. You have removed your profile from FastPeopleSearch, which is a great first step. But the battle for online privacy doesn’t stop there. Below we’ll explore additional steps to secure your personal information post-FastPeopleSearch removal, taking you further down the path of online data protection.

Understanding the World of Data Brokers

Data brokers, including FastPeopleSearch, are businesses that gather personal info from various public records, social media sites, and other data broker sites. This data can include details like phone numbers, email addresses, and more, all available in a simple search box. The potential privacy implications of such a free search service are severe. The Federal Trade Commission’s report (now nearly a decade old) provides in-depth insights into data brokers and their impact on privacy.

The Role of California Consumer Privacy Act

Legislation like the California Consumer Privacy Act gives consumers more control over their personal information by providing the right to opt out of data broker sites. Such steps are creating a significant shift towards enhanced personal data protection, as outlined in this comprehensive review. The CCPA is not the only privacy law affecting data brokers today. Other states have followed suit. For an overview of the status of similar laws in the US, you can check out IAPP’s state law tracker. The CCPA was the earliest and remains one of the most important privacy laws. It was the CCPA that forced data brokers to register with the state and mandated opt out options for consumers. 

Steps to Reinforce Your Online Privacy Post FastPeopleSearch Removal

Once you’ve initiated the FastPeopleSearch removal process, there are additional measures to consider to ensure your personal information stays off people search sites. Here’s an extended guide to fortifying your online privacy:

1. Regular Monitoring of People Search Websites

Even after opting out of FastPeopleSearch, it’s important to periodically verify if your data reappears on people search websites. These platforms update their databases regularly, making continuous monitoring a necessity for long-term privacy. Consider signing up for free continuous monitoring with Optery so that you’ll be notified when your data is exposed online.

2. Opting for Automatic Removal Tools

Monitoring is just part of the equation. Automatic removal tools can simplify and streamline the process of managing your personal information across multiple data broker sites. By automating the removal process, these tools provide ongoing protection, as discussed in this Consumer Reports article. Not all data broker removal services are the same. Optery covers more data brokers and operates at a faster cadence than the competition, two important factors to consider in a removal service.

3. Exploring Privacy-Focused Alternatives

If you need more information on breaches, privacy, data brokers, and people search services, consider using platforms that educate users on privacy incidents and keep consumers informed on clear opt-out options. This Privacy Rights Clearinghouse guide lists some resources for privacy and safety-minded consumers who want to protect themselves.

4. Reaching Out to Support

If your details reappear after the FastPeopleSearch removal process, consider contacting their support team. They may be able to assist with any residual issues and ensure your removal request is fully processed. Keep in mind that FastPeopleSearch is a data broker. Use a disposable email address when contacting them and take steps not to reveal extra information about yourself.

The Role of Data Removal Tools in Data Protection

Data removal tools such as Optery are a significant starting point for securing your online privacy, but remember, data protection is an ongoing endeavor. Constant vigilance and proactive steps are needed to effectively safeguard your personal information in today’s digital landscape. 

Here are some additional recommended best practices for online safety and privacy:

  • Update Your Software Regularly: Always keep your operating system, web browser, and other software up to date. Software updates often include security enhancements that protect against new threats.
  • Use Strong, Unique Passwords: Each of your online accounts should have a unique password. Consider using a password manager to keep track of them. Include a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters to make passwords more secure.
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Wherever possible, use 2FA to add an extra layer of security to your online accounts.
  • Limit Sharing Personal Information: Be mindful of the information you share on social media and other online platforms. Even seemingly harmless details can be used for identity theft or phishing attacks.
  • Be Aware of Phishing Attempts: Never click on links or download attachments from suspicious emails or messages. These could be attempts to steal your personal information or infect your device with malware.
  • Use a Secure and Private Network: Whenever possible, avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for sensitive transactions. If you have to use a public Wi-Fi, consider using a VPN for enhanced security.
  • Regularly Monitor Your Online Presence: Conduct regular searches of your name and other personal information to see if it appears on people search sites or other public platforms.

Final Thoughts

Well done on removing your info from FastPeopleSearch! This is a big first step towards taking control of your online privacy. But remember, it’s just the start. The internet is filled with sites that might have your personal details, and they’re always updating.

To stay ahead, make a habit of checking other people search sites, use tools that help remove your info, like Optery’s premium service, and explore options that respect your privacy. Doing these can help keep your personal info safe and give you peace of mind. Plus, you’ll save time from doing checks all the time.

If you’re a business owner and worried about your team, there are services like Optery for Business that can do this job for you. Always remember, every step towards privacy is a step in the right direction!

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