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Optery Review by Caroline

I just wanted to send a quick message of gratitude and share some of my experience with Optery. When I first signed up for Optery, I was facing both online and real-world threats and harassment. I recently changed locations, and my fear was that my new address would show up on data brokers/people search sites. Before moving to Optery, I tried competitors like OneRep and Kanary. These worked reasonably well at removing me from the major data brokers; but they had their share of negatives. Inconsistent scans, inaccurate discoveries, and information marked as "deleted" but still visible were just some of the issues. The Kanary for example, deleted dozens of unrelated profiles, with completely different names and locations, simply because they had a listed relative with the same first name as mine. They also had the habit of marking profiles from non-compliant sites (Xlek, Kiwi Searches, Click Search), as deleted when the information was still visible. OneRep was far better than The Kanary, but no match for Optery's larger list and more comprehensive scan. Plus, its financial relationship with a data broker, and presence in Belarus, are major data security and privacy concerns. Moving to monthly scans for paying members just added another reason for me to stay with Optery. This allowed me to add common name variations for a faster removal. Your service is by far the most comprehensive and well-engineered removal tool. Using Optery with other security and privacy tools has dramatically reduced my online presence and has given me peace of mind.

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