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Optery Review by Jake

I rarely take the time to leave reviews but I couldn't resist this product. About 25 hours ago I signed up for Optery's least expensive subscription and I couldn't be more satisfied. I've wanted to scrub my digital identity ever since some data brokers falsely accused me of crimes I didn't commit. But I never really thought it would be possible because there are hundreds of sites dealing in our personal data. But Optery has given me new hope. The best part is I can check Optery's performance myself by comparing my own searches against the screenshots they emailed me after they scanned. And that's what I just did, spent 3 hours manually checking dozens of sites to see if my data was removed simply to satisfy my own curiosity. And all except one were deleted--within 24 hours! And the reason the one hadn't deleted is because they requested an ID first, ( The proof is in the seeing. This entire app is designed beautifully and my first impression is "outstanding." I will be upgrading my plan if things keep going the way they are. Thanks. I mean, THANKS!

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