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ContactOut: How to Opt Out of ContactOut

What is ContactOut?

ContactOut is a platform that allows consumers to acquire phone numbers and email addresses of companies and individuals. They offer leads and prospects and, be able to connect with them. Learn more about these databroker and how to remove yourself with our Step-by-Step instructions on of How to Opt Out of ContactOut.

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Currently, there are three ways to remove your personal information from data broker sites like ContactOut:

  1. Sign up for Optery's automated opt out and data deletion service. Our service will monitor and remove your profile from dozens of data brokers on an ongoing basis. Click here to sign up and get started with a free account and to learn about our automated service plans.
  2. Remove your personal information from ContactOut by following the steps outlined below. Optery provides guides with step-by-step opt out instructions for many other data brokers here.
  3. If you are a resident of California, you can opt out of data broker sites that follow the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) law. Click here to review Instructions for submitting a CCPA Data Deletion Request.

How do I Opt Out of ContactOut Manually?

1) Go to and search for your profile. Locate the People Directory at the bottom of the page and, click on the first letter of your First Name.


2) Next, select the name range that contains your name.


3) Repeat step 2 and narrow down the results.


4) Once you have located your name, right-click on it and copy the link address.


5) Go to then, input your Name, Email Address and paste the link address that you copied. Perform the CAPTCHA and, click the Submit button.


IMPORTANT: Whenever contacting a data broker, we highly recommend using a disposable email address, and NOT using your own primary email address. Data brokers are known to add you to their marketing lists and databases whenever you contact them, even if the purpose is to opt out! For more info on Disposable Emails click here

6) Typically, they remove your profile within 30 Days.


Congratulations on completing your opt-out!

You have taken a simple, but important step towards reclaiming your privacy.  However, there are hundreds of People Search Sites out there displaying personal information. They are changing and being updated constantly.  It’s nearly impossible to stay on top of these data brokers which is why we offer our premium service that monitors and removes your profile from dozens of data brokers continuously.  We do all the work. You get your time back and more peace of mind.

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