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Optery Review by Elinor

Oh thank you very much Nate! It really has been a rough month! It's what I call a 'burrito month' (burritos are tasty & cheap eats! lol) And I really do feel much better with all my personal details off the internet! I wish I'd known things like this existed a few years ago. I might not have felt like I needed to change my name. I had to move out of state because the person who stalked me found me by my facebook info when I moved 3 hours away from where I had been living when he first started stalking me. Cray Cray broke into the apartment I had moved to within only a few months of my moving to a new City. It's actually why I don't live in my home state anymore, because it felt too unsafe. For a long time, I'd see nothing on the internet after changing my name & location, but gradually little bits of my personal info started showing up online & eventually it was just all on there again. It's not like you can just keep changing your name though so that idea really didn't work out all that well. lol. (though, I think this name looks better on me so it wasn't a total loss! Btw, if you guys need actual testimonials, I'd be happy to put a very skinny one, basically that I was personally stalked in person & on the internet prior to joining Optery & can personally recommend the company for a layer of sensible added protection (Or something worded similarly) I don't at all mind working on one for you. Without my name on it of course. Lol. Thanks again, every little bit counts! Have a great weekend!

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