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Optery Review by Bruce

We just received the latest reports and would love if at some point to speak with you and thank you along with the person or persons that are handling both of our accounts. I had been with “Delete Me” since they first started up and the only reputable company out there so I have a pretty good understanding of how much this battle of horror and bad things have gotten and how much worse they will get. You guys are phenomenal at least so far anyway ha ha. I tried to send a custom request but I don’t feel comfortable saving their folder.  The name of the company is “_______” Bruce typed in __________ and the first link contained all the information front page and the first link contained all the information front page. There’s probably more but I don’t have the stomach for this and I’m hoping that you can get it removed maybe? Again, please thank the people or person that is working on what is so amazing for someone with no Internet access at all but victims of so many breaches. While you’re at it, have someone give you a hug or pat on the back too. Thanks in advance.

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