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Remove your employees’ personal data from the internet

Reduce your company’s risks for phishing, social engineering, hacking, identity theft, fraud, harassment, and physical violence.

Reduce your company’s risks for phishing, social engineering, hacking, identity theft, fraud, harassment, and physical violence.

Best Opt Out Software

"Unlike any other product in this field, Optery doesn’t just state that your data was found, like IDX Privacy. It also doesn’t simply list the found data items, like DeleteMe. With the Removals report, you see what was found along with a new screenshot demonstrating that the data was removed, and a link to verify the removal. No other personal data removal service I’ve seen gives you this level of verification."
Neil J. Rubenking
Lead Analyst for Security,

Why Optery for Business?
We’re exclusively focused on data broker removal so you get the privacy & protection you need


Unparalleled Search Technology

Optery employs award-winning search technology, including patented and proprietary search technologies, enhanced with advanced anti-bot detection, sophisticated matching algorithms for discovery, and consistent monitoring through monthly automated searches, making it the most sophisticated data broker scanning software available today. Accommodating unlimited name and location variations and specific client concerns, we ensure accurate, superior search and discovery of data.

Efficient Data Removal From 335+ Sites

Optery integrates a sophisticated 'humans + machines' approach, combining the best of automation with the added precision of expert manual reviews and handling of edge cases. This is further enhanced by the utilization of Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) and Authorized Agent Requests, ensuring a robust and comprehensive data removal process from 335+ sites, with consistent automated removals executed monthly.

Transparent Exposure & Removal Reporting

Optery is the only personal data removal service that provides detailed exposure and removal reports, complete with screenshots, to demonstrate the effectiveness of its services.

Ethical Operations

Unlike some data removal providers who have historical ties or current affiliations with data brokers, Optery maintains a strict policy against partnering with data brokers. This policy ensures the integrity and transparency of our data privacy services, aligning with the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Clear, Affordable & Flexible Pricing

Optery offers a range of affordable pricing options, starting from low-cost monthly plans, which provide comprehensive data broker coverage. Our pricing structure is designed to cater to diverse needs, offering seamless flexibility in upgrading or downgrading between plans. Optery's transparency in pricing and services ensures customers are well-informed about what they are receiving and at what cost.

Enterprise-Ready Solution

Optery for Business features a user-friendly enterprise dashboard, providing a central view of data removal progress across the organization. With seamless SSO/SCIM/SAML integration and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, incorporating Optery into your existing services not only enhances data privacy for users but also maintains the integrity and security of your systems.

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Protect your team from

Phishing and other Social Engineering attacks

Social engineering attacks such as phishing, smishing, vishing, impersonation, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) all exploit exposed personal details found online.

Malicious Actors

Leaving your employees' personal information exposed online makes them easy targets for malicious actors, posing risks not only to individuals but also to your company’s security and reputation.

Real world harassment

Home addresses can be used for physical confrontation and real-world harassment - executives and front-line workers are the most vulnerable.

Sensitive Information Exposure

In addition to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), data brokers post religious, ethnic and political affiliations, past criminal history, and estimated net worth and income for anyone in the world to see.

Protect your team’s family members

Threat actors often target the family members of high-value individuals, exploiting these connections as a means of compromise.
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Key Features:
  • Business Privacy Dashboard
  • Personalized Exposure Reports within ~1 Hour of Profile Creation
  • Exposure Report Scans of Your Google Search Results
  • Updated Exposure Reports every ~90 days
  • Self-Service Removal Tools
  • Phone & Email Scan Preferences Tools
  • Profile Visibility at Hundreds of Sites w/ Patented View Links
  • Unlimited Name Variations (for the same person) for Self-Service Tools
  • Unlimited Past Cities and States for Self-Service Tools
  • Maximum of 10 Employee Free Basic Accounts
Automatic volume discounts:
  • 30-50 – 5% off
  • 51-99 – 10% off
  • 100+ – Lets Talk

Leverage Optery’s patented technology for protection

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Everything in Free Pro, plus:
  • Removals from 90+ sites, for a maximum of 1 name and city and state per user
  • Monthly Automated Scans and Removals
  • “Bot Only” automated approach. No human Privacy Agent assigned for QA or handling special circumstances
  • Opt Out Progress and Exposure Risk Reporting
  • Automatically Opt Out of Newly Supported Data Brokers
  • * SSO/SCIM/SAML available as an add-on for $150/month or $1,800/year.

Enterprise grade support – minimum of 100 licenses

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Everything in Ultimate Pro plus:
  • Dedicated Privacy Agent
  • Priority support with response SLAs
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • SSO/SCIM/SAML included

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    Automatic volume discounts:

  • 5-29 – 20% off
  • 30-50 – 25% off
  • 51-99 – 30% off
  • 100+ – Let’s Talk
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    Try before you buy

    We find more exposed profiles than anyone, including Google!

    If you’re researching personal data removal services for your business, our #1 recommendation is to try a few products before you buy. This can be as simple as signing up for a removal service’s free scan, or upgrading a test account to see how well the services work.

    Hear from our users

    Dear Optery, I would like to "Thank you" for all your help. As you know I am a victim of attempted extortion and stocking. Your service has helped me tremendously!!! [...]
    Hi, I am very happy with the ultimate service. I got it on sale for $199, a bargain for what's offered.
    Thank you so much. I will be with your company as long as I am alive because I am tired and shocked about the Abuse of all this Brokers. They show no respect for Individuals' Right to privacy, and sometimes they act showing a reckless, illegal and dangerous behavior. I am so happy with your Company and service.
    Thanks for doing this keeping people's lives somewhat private. I never realized how much you put yourself out there for the WORLD to see and learn about you. I will recommend [sic] this it's to ALL my families and friends.
    The amount of data being shared, bought and sold about us is beyond what most people imagine. This is a great tool to start to gain control over that data and put new and expanding legal rights to work for you.
    Optery on Product Hunt
    This is totally mind blowing & I am so so amazed! I am definitely getting this service! I will change [sic] my phone number and email address.
    I was shocked by how many data brokers had my information and were selling it without my knowledge. Optery to the rescue. I've been impressed with how Optery automatically removes our household's information from these databases, all without asking for a lot from me. Optery helps me sleep better at night. Big fan.
    Optery on Product Hunt
    This product gives me great comfort that my sensitive information is more protected, especially in this day and age with increased cyber attacks. I love what Optery is doing!
    Optery on Product Hunt
    Hey, I just noticed I'm not showing up on a lot of these famous people's search sites; that makes me very happy!! I am aware that these data broker sites do repopulate from time to time, so it seems like I will require your services for the foreseeable future. In my opinion, it's money well spent. Thank you for continuing to do good work.
    I'm very pleased to see 93 percent of my personal information has been removed from data brokers and internet searches. Thank you for providing this great service. [...]
    Hello, First, I would like to say, I signed up for Optery earlier this month and I have been absolutely pleased with the service and recommending it to coworkers and friends. [...]
    If you want your personal information wiped off the internet, this is the company to use. The object is to search for yourself and finding nothing about you. They do a thorough job and then keep monitoring your name and personal info monthly to make sure you don't reappear. Great company.
    Big fan of Optery! It makes it easy to remove your info from various people databases, and I've already noticed less spam (mail, phone calls, etc...) since I started using. Keep up the good work!
    Optery on Product Hunt
    Optery is a great service for managing one's personal data exposure. I was concerned that my email, phone #, and home address were easily accessible on hundreds of sites, and Optery made it easy to remove that information from every major database. I feel much more comfortable knowing my privacy is protected on an ongoing basis.
    Terrific company that cares about its customers. Optery has helped me remove my personal details and address from over 150 data brokers. When I have questions their team is right there to help. Great people and service!
    Thank you so much. You guys are an incredible company. My mom had faced domestic violence and the individual charged was released recently. He has found information online somehow, but luckily I'm moving soon anyway. You guys are doing society good.
    [...] you guys are abviously working! I can hardly find my name anywhere on google at all! looks like you all kneading data brokers [...] thanks for this service!
    Thank you for all that you do. You are helping lives and giving identity back to the rightful owner. Bless you for your work and your service to the people. I wish more people could afford it or knew more about this work and your organization. It took me a while to know what to even look for, that led me down the path of finding your service for clean up on aisle "theft". YOUR cyber security work, to clean up identity fraud and compromised Cyber Security for people is greatly needed. The mess of fraud and scams to reclaim is tiresome for people. Thank you for taking over. I am exhausted and FTC can only handle so much of this, there is no time to delete all the data "theft shoppers for identity" to steal, while also monitoring for the FTC as a government agency. So, thank you. Only regret is had I not found you sooner.
    Dear Optery Team, I write to you today as a satisfied user of your Ultimate plan, having spent a little over a month under the secure umbrella of your services. Optery has already been a literal firewall in my life and I feel it's important to share my experience for others to understand the value of what you offer. [...] The reason, I firmly believe, was Optery. Your service had acted as an invisible barrier, shielding my personal information from data brokers and unwanted exposure. It's a chilling thought, contemplating what could have occurred had my information been easily accessible. The sense of security I've gained from knowing my personal details are now secure and not readily available online cannot be overstated. I cannot express enough how much this has improved my peace of mind. Your service has been nothing short of exceptional, especially in terms of the protection level it has provided me. Optery has effectively scrubbed my personal data from prying eyes, instilling a sense of control and safety in my day-to-day online interactions. It is a relief to know that I am not easily found or targeted in the vast web of digital information. Thank you for providing such a crucial service. Your dedication to privacy and security has already made a tangible difference in my life. I will be recommending Optery to others who may be faced with similar concerns or simply seek to control their digital footprints.
    Hi there, Happy Optery premium customer here! I'm really impressed with your service. Optery has covered most of the data brokers I wanted info removed from, and I've worked through a few custom removals issues.
    The service is absolutely fantastic. I have been telling my friends and family to sign up because of how easy y'all make it.

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