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Optery Authors

Experts at the Forefront of Data Privacy and Online Security 🎓

Lawrence combines technological expertise and leadership, with significant experience in data management and innovation. His career has transitioned from leading roles at top tech companies to pioneering startups focused on enhancing online collaboration and data privacy. His founding of data privacy company Optery highlights his commitment to empowering consumers and automating the opt-out process from data brokers. This venture has earned recognition for its impact on privacy and security, demonstrating Lawrence's role in advancing data autonomy and providing practical solutions for individual privacy protection.
Sara is an award-winning marketing leader in the cybersecurity and GRC spaces. Before joining Optery to lead their B2B marketing function, she was at the helm of marketing for a privacy-focused cybersecurity startup, a multinational organization, and a creative agency. She blends strategy, technology, and creativity to boost brand stories, fuel growth, and create sustained and measurable demand. Known for steering high-impact projects with a data-driven approach, Sara also regularly publishes content on cybersecurity, privacy, and related risk topics.
Jake is a cybersecurity expert, bringing over ten years of experience in the digital world. He is deeply committed to privacy rights and understanding the changing nature of cyber threats. Jake has shared his expertise in various tech journals and online communities. With his computer science background and ability to demystify complex issues, he strives to make tech concepts accessible to the general public.
Diana is an expert in data privacy, focusing on opt-out guides and data broker removal. She leads a team at her company, driving efforts to help consumers protect their personal information. Her work involves developing strategies for removing data from broker databases effectively. Diana's leadership and knowledge make her a key figure in promoting digital privacy and security.
Jen is a social media expert with a focus on digital marketing, online communities, and privacy technology. With years of experience, Jen shares insights into effective social media strategies and the latest in privacy tools. She combines her passion for digital connectivity with a strong advocacy for online privacy, making her a resource for both beginners and seasoned professionals in the digital privacy world.

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