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Optery Review by Robert

I have explored your web application on, I have to say I am impressed with my exposure report. I have done some OSINT investigations on myself in the past and your tool automated a task that took me a few hours and days; then condensed that activity into a few simple steps and ONE hour. When I am handling a client experience issue ONE hour is FOREVER!!! lol As a result, I feel that this tool could be deployed as a selling point for prospective clients for a potential MSP provider. In my IT support experience, end users and clients often feel that Digital Technology can be Tyrannical and not Liberating as it was intended for. Your web service assists in peeling back that negativity and provides a value proposition to someone in my position for supporting clients and adding a piece of mind to their individual experiences. My career goal is to bring tech to non tech people, I am certainly interested in Operty as a service and hope to see you succeed. Thank you for bolstering support for individual privacy, when most don't have the technical capacity to ensure that service.

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