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Optery Review by Lacinda

I have had an extended plan for the last six months. It has been very successful. However, after the last quarterly report a month ago, suddenly the payment stopped coming out of my account, and I get no response from support on helping me find out why I no longer have service. It has been extremely successful for me. I was on the $25 a month plan and I do not want it to stop. Can you explain to me why I have been suddenly discontinued with no responses from your company and yet you’re still offering your services online. My credit card did not change. I did get a new phone number this month and simply reached out to them by my email that I signed up with to let them know but I got nothing. I do not have the old phone or number so if they are depending on a pin number to that phone, it would not work. I ran into this on several other accounts however, that does not seem to be the problem as I’ve always responded to them by email, I am very upset about this and really don’t want to choose another company as I feel yours is the most successful for what I need to find that all my info is still blocked on the public sites but I know this can stop after one year, so please please try to help me I am not getting any responses to any of my inquiries. Why has my service been stopped with no explanation or warning? I get no responses from my repeated inquiries! I have been very pleased with the service and after my last quarterly report the payments simply stopped coming out of my account! I need an answer please! Thanks

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