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Optery Review by Kyle

Hello! It's okay - luckily I found a discount that applied to me and was able to utilize it. I plan on signing my significant other up with her own account for now until the household plan is available. Regarding my move from delete me - I recently received a text asking to buy my house from a company. In the message they said how they attained my phone; it was just an easy lookup on whitepages pro- a website deleteme said they scrubbed. I had been a customer for almost a year now, and my info was still easily accessible by someone looking to flip my house... If it was that easy for them, that makes me worry. Luckily my renewal period was just a few days away, which I obviously canceled. From there I started looking at alternatives and found a post one of your founders made on Reddit. I ran the exposure report and saw that DeleteMe had missed much more than I thought. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do! Kyle

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