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Optery Review by Joe L.

Optery is a great service for managing one’s personal data exposure. I was concerned that my email, phone #, and home address were easily accessible on hundreds of sites, and Optery made it easy to remove that information from every major database.

Optery Review by Tim

I was extremely impressed with both the flow to get started, and the end result. Going to all of the 100+ sites manually and asking for my info to be removed would have taken me weeks of pain. Optery made it transparent and easy.

Optery Review by Matthew S.

Terrific company that cares about its customers. Optery has helped me remove my personal details and address from over 150 data brokers. When I have questions their team is right there to help. Great people and service!

Optery Review by Saul

I’ve gotten my identity stolen before and it’s a royal pain to sort it out. Once, they even used my complete address for billing when fraudulently buying expensive electronics with my credit cards, and forged a fake ID to pickup the ordered stuff at the Apple store.

Optery Review by Steve L.

Really glad this exists – hate seeing my info on the web and don’t know how to get rid of it!

Optery Review by Dan G.

The amount of data being shared, bought and sold about us is beyond what most people imagine. This is a great tool to start to gain control over that data and put new and expanding legal rights to work for you.

Optery Review by Aleem C.

This product gives me great comfort that my sensitive information is more protected, especially in this day and age with increased cyber attacks. I love what Optery is doing!

Optery Review by John F.

This is eye opening. Seems that the default ‘user preference’ of the internet is ‘display my private info anywhere’. This product is essential as nobody has the time to contact all these different outlets. Great job!

Optery Review by Jed W.

Congrats! Definitely something the world needs to fight those scammers! 🙏